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2. February, 2016

How to Write a Good Business Proposal + Top 5 Best Templates

Business proposal is a main mode of communication for every entrepreneur, no matter how big or small his company is. In most cases, the business proposal is the first contact of a potential client with you and your services or products. Some entrepreneurs spend hours writing and perfecting its proposals and again they don’t get a job. Other write it in just a few minutes and easily win the client. How do they do it? Simply, they have recognized what distinguishes good and bad proposal.

What makes a good business proposal?

First of all we should define what is business proposal. It is a written document that provides specific products or services to potential customers or [...]

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15. January, 2016

Best Instagram Ad Templates For January 2016

There are many advantages of advertising on Instagram. Some of them are:

Low CPC (cost-per-click) – Instagram advertising is a lot cheaper compared to other types of online advertising. High engagement – Given that the posts on Instagram are very good-looking, mostly due to filters that Instagram offers, engagement is high, which means that users often comment on, share and review Instagram visuals because they are in most cases pleasant and attractive. Building of the visual brand identity – Using Instagram ads, you will create an emotional connection with the desired target group, what will motivate your followers to visit your profile and to be more and more [...]
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14. January, 2016

The Best Facebook Cover Templates for January 2016

Are you using Facebook page to promote your business ideas, products and services? If not, get started right away!

Facebook page is a business Facebook account created by companies, public figures and various large and small organizations. Facebook page is managed by administrators using their private profile. Facebook page is used for promotion of business ideas, and Facebook users connect with it in a way that they “like page”. There is no limit how much Facebook pages you can create and manage, and a website name should be associated with the organization (brand) that page is.

We believe that you have at least once been in a situation where certain [...]

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14. January, 2016

The Best New iOS 9 Health App Features

Smart devices have almost become an extension of our body. In addition that we carry our smart phones everywhere and feel totally lost without them, the market is increasingly developing mobile applications to monitor our health and physical fitness.

With a handful of devices on the market, there is a whole range of different applications which can monitor the condition of your body, health and physical fitness, but also that can help you recognize the first signs of disease or to draw attention to some of the symptoms that might otherwise have ignored.

According to ABI Research, it’s projected that by 2017, there will be more than 170 million healthcare [...]

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