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23. January, 2016

Beginner’s Guide for Building a PC

If you want the most upgradable, personal, strongest PC, the only one way is to build it by yourself. With the constant dropping of the price, now its the right time to have one.

I have built PC for myself few times, and I have to say I got lot of satisfaction from it. Good thing about building a PC is that you can save money. When I was still in school all the friends from my class were always asking me to find the right components and build pc for them, I really enjoyed that.

If you go to store and buy finished build, you get good quality but sometimes for the same price you can custom build yours and its going to be a lot better and more powerful then one from the [...]

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23. December, 2015

Mobile App Advertisement for Beginners

There is a long way from the initial idea through tedious coding, interface design, alpha and beta testing to final product. However, at the end of the road, another is waiting for you, because it is not enough just to set up the application in the App Store or Google Play. How to ensure that the application reaches the end user?

The number of mobile applications today is so big that it’s indeed a very difficult job to get to the user to download the application. Without mobile app advertisement, unless you already have a large community of users, you will not go far. It is necessary to advertise your mobile app on Google or Facebook, targeted precisely to the people you [...]

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13. November, 2015

Web Hosting for Beginners

Web hosting is a service of putting websites on internet server, so that they are accessible to all who visit it. There are various hosting providers around the world. Web hosting includes support services related to the domain name, e-mails, web applications, but forums and various other services such as game servers. Often when choosing web hosting services many think if they use Windows as the operating system on their computer, they must also purchase a Windows web hosting service. But it is not so. You can rent the space at the Linux servers too. The most important thing is to know what you want to achieve with your page and which content you to offer and based on that, choose [...]

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