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31. March, 2016

Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Are you tired of charging your phone every night? Even in this age of technology, it’s hard to go 24 hours with phone without charging it. Innovation for better lasting smartphone battery just hasn’t yet arrived. You will never succeed in having a full week without charging phone because of all those features like GPS, 3G, Wi-Fi along with bright screens. Today, there are many USB portable power banks, and you can use them to charge the smartphone on the go. So, without spare battery or charger you will have to reduce the battery consumption.

Tips on how to make smartphone battery last longer

I know that you love your colorful and big display, but this is [...]

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22. July, 2015

How to Maximize Battery Life

An electric battery is a device consisting of two or more electrochemical cells that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Each cell contains a positive terminal, or cathode, and a negative terminal, or anode. Electrolytes allow ions to move between the electrodes and terminals, which allows current to flow out of the battery to perform work. Although the term battery technically means a device with multiple cells, single cells are also popularly called batteries.

Primary (single-use or “disposable”) batteries are used once and discarded; the electrode materials are irreversibly changed during discharge. Common examples are the alkaline battery [...]

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