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3. August, 2015

Awesome Instapage templates for download

Instapage is a great tool that allows everyone to create their own landing pages and save the money they would spend on hiring a professional designer to design them a landing page. Everyone can create their landing pages with Instapage, even if they don’t know a lot about design. But, if you want something special and your own then you can design something yourself because app supports custom JavaScript, HTML and CSS widgets.

What is landing page?

Like I already said, Instapage is a tool for creating landing page. But what is landing page? That is a page where visitors go after they click on some advertisement. If you create a good landing page then there is a chance [...]

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28. July, 2015

Awesome explainer video templates for download

Imagine that you find two websites that are offering something that you need. One of them has a video that explains everything about their service and the other one doesn’t. Both of the services are the same quality, so which service will you choose? The one with a video explaining stuff or the one without the video? Most of the people will choose the first site. And that is exactly why companies create explainer videos. Those videos are short (up to 90 seconds) and first they define the problems of customers and then they offer the solution. With explainer videos you can present your product, service or company and offer a solution for some problem that your customers may have. In [...]

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