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13. January, 2018

EMailing like a pro: 14 tips how to build efficient emails for all occasions

Writing effective emails can be a challenge. You’ve written an important message that you know your audience could use. Here’s a handy infographic that helps you use email more effectively:

We’ve got about 14 helpful tips for writing an effective email that can be used for all occasions.

Set the particular goal for each email

Any email should have one exact goal. The email may offer to buy the product, encourage subscribers to follow your social media, provide recipients with some information etc.

Don’t set more than one goal for every email you send. People should understand clearly what you want them to do with the [...]

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22. March, 2016

10 Ways Automated Email Can WOW Your Customers

Automated emails are the last trend in email marketing. Allows you to send emails (newsletters) to users at certain times when users take concrete actions / activities ie., when activated by one of the trigger. It can be one or a series of email messages that are sent one by one according to predefined workflows.

Josipa Štrokhttp://www.efortis.net/
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11. March, 2016

Effective Automated Emails

Email marketing still remains as one of most effective ways for doing business, and it’s evolving too. Smartest companies and businesses are starting to use automated email. They are personalized and timely. This means your automated emails are being clicked and opened much more frequently, driving traffic and profit to your business. If you run company and still doesn’t have automated emails set up, you’re missing out big opportunity to engage with your contacts. All of this sounds good, right? So what exactly is email automation? When automated email is set up, it is automatically sending mails to specific users, when certain triggers are met. For example, [...]

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