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11. April, 2016

The History Of Video Game Animation (1958-2011)

Video games have come a really long way since its beginnings all the way back to the days of Pong. Video games are not looking just like some pixels you see on the screen, but more as pieces of art that require years of development to create. Most of video games today have detailed characters with rich story. Technology is really pushing the limits when it comes to video games, they are starting to look like a movies. Graphics are being rendered in real time. 15 years ago this could not be possible at all. What’s really impressive to see in games is the actual animation or if you want, forms of movements. 10 years ago movements in video games were too much rigid and for [...]

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27. November, 2015

Grow Your Business With Animation

Most people belong to the so-called visual learners, people better understand and remember visual content. Many will prefer to look at a series of simple illustrations and animation, with a brief explanation, rather than a longer text. The eyes are a direct extension of the brain, therefore we are very sensitive to direct visual stimulations.

One of the most interesting and most effective ways to enrich the content on your blog, expand awareness of your brand and stimulate your audience is to create an infographic or even better infographic animation. If you are unfamiliar with the term, infographic is a graphical, visual display of more data, information and [...]

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