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3. May, 2016

iPhone vs Android – Which Cell Phone Is For You?

Probably the most frequently asked and toughest question we are bombarded with everyday is, “which cell phone should I buy?” There are so many options available in the market that one is lost between the tight performance and brand name of iPhone and the versatility of Android phones. In this era of smartphones, finding that one device which suits all your needs is necessary. This post will discuss the various aspects of the two most popular smartphones and which one you should go for, depending on your needs and requirements.

To get to the answer, you will have to go through a series of questions which will result in a quick and definite decision for you. The [...]

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4. November, 2015

Android vs iOS

An Android vs iOS battle is something worth talking about with anyone who uses smartphones today. You can see that discussion on almost every mobile forum or every internet location with the theme of mobile phones. But how those mobile operating system appeared? And what is actually the difference between them? To find out all of that just keep reading.

Both operating systems have a pretty good arguments to choose them. And you can find both platforms on smartphones, smartwatches, TV’s, gadgets, even cars in some places. But what can both platforms offer? Before I start listing all the stuff about what both platforms can do I think that it is good to know when those [...]

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7. October, 2015

30 Android Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Our productivity depends largely on good organization of time. Many people under pressure learn to manage their time. This not only contributes to relieve you from the some obligations but also affects your productivity. Most people are not taught to write their obligations somewhere and then execute them one by one. Because of these habits often happens that we do not fulfill all the commitments that we set during the day, week or month. The execution of many obligations at once, became commonplace of the most people.

However, at the present time when most people have smartphones life can be even easier. In today’s busy time organization and productivity are extremely [...]

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17. August, 2015

Most Important Features of Android M

Fall is close, and except the rain, it brings us a new Android M. Although we do not know what M means, but is fairly well known what it brings with it. How you could be prepared for the new version of Android, here’s a cool infographic with all the most important features of Android M.

Back in June, Google announced the Android M and some of the most important novelty that brings. While many wonder will M mean Marshmallow or Milkshake, Google is keeping a new flavor of Android as secret.

As you will see, and believe and understand the infographic below, Android M brings better control applications, or better to say, access to application specific functions. You [...]

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