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30. April, 2017

How to develop a successful advertising campaign from scratch?

To develop a successful advertising campaign and hoping people to notice it, you would need much more than just a nice poster or a video shot with $ 2,000 camera. The campaign should be related to your target audience and how exactly you are going to reach your audience.


Step 1:  Identifying the target audience for your successful advertising campaign


I will explain this simple with life examples so you could understand, what exactly is going on behind the scenes. The most authentic way to communicate with your target audience is to try to find out what turns them on and off as individuals. This is exactly like in sex and one wrong move and you are [...]

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21. September, 2015

Security World – Password Analysis

What do you think of your password? Is it safe? When was the last time you change it? And do you use the same password for accounts on different websites? These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself if you want to know how good your password is. These are also the same question used in lots of polls and the results were very bad or I could say humiliating. The research shows that most people use passwords with only 4 to 6 characters and passwords that are easy to remember and most of the people don’t ever change that password. So, still think that you password is good? You can also test it on Microsoft Password Strength Calculator. Just type your password in the box [...]

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