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18. January, 2016

Amazon Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad

Of course it makes a difference in price and more or less optional technical characteristics compared with rivals. However Amazon Kindle Fire has all the basic specifications and is one of the successful tablet according to the results of sales. We bring you a nice infographic showing the comparison of Kindle Fire and Apple iPad.

Thick, stout and tough is the best depiction of the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Secured in textured dark plastic, it measures 413g, is more than 1cm thick and feels profound in the hand. It feels as though it could take a thump or two without issue.

It’s the fifth adaptation of the first Fire tablet, which initially propelled in [...]

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23. October, 2015

All About Amazon: Interesting Facts, Stats, History Timeline & More

Amazon started their business 20 years ago in the garage, and now they have even more employees than Microsoft. There are very few people on the Internet who have not heard of Amazon.com. Their slogan “Earth’s biggest selection”, shows that they are the largest in its field and the vast majority of Internet users knows that.

All about Amazon

Back in 1995 Amazon opened the virtual doors of their shops and then, only a few people knew what the word Amazon.com even means. Was their brand recognizable than? Well, very little. Becoming a global brand is not so easy. Probably on the incredible rise of Amazon.com you can find a volumes analysis of its successful [...]

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28. July, 2015

Amazon vs Alibaba

The largest Chinese company for e-commerce Alibaba generates about 80 percent of all online sales in China, the company’s shares, which recorded more transactions than Amazon.com and eBay together, attracted mass of investors, so the demand for them far exceeds the supply.

10 ways on which Alibaba wins the competition, according to Forbes:

1. Sale

Alibaba in 2012 achieved sales of 420 billion dollars and so defeated the Amazon with 74.4 billion for fiscal 2013, and eBay with 16 billion in fiscal 2013.

2. The base profile

Unlike the United States where live 327 million people, China has them 1.4 billion and thus makes a greater base of potential [...]

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