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20. April, 2014

40+ Best Infographic Templates and Elements for Infographics Design

If you are looking for best quality and stunning design infographic template, this post will definitely help you. We have selected fresh and most recent flat design infographic templates. Keynote and PowerPoint infographics are really popular today. Using powerful presentation tools like Keynote or MS Powerpoint, you can create awesome presentations and visualize your data in professional way.

To make creation process faster and easier, infographic template might be perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you are top graphic designer or beginner, infographic template helps anyone to achieve their goals quickly and professionally. Your colleagues, customers or website [...]

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22. March, 2014

Best Infographic Template of 2014 for Infographic Design Beginners

We live in the age of the visual information. A visual data presentation – known as infographic, made with a tools such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Keynote or MS Powerpoint, is a powerful marketing tool. Infographics can be instantly distributed and inscribed into a social network as any other type of image. Infographic have changed aspects of graphic design, visual information, promotion and marketing. Infographic is fun to watch, easy to share and promote. There are many free online tools allowing people to create infographics. But unfortunately most of the tools offering limited design,fonts or color options. Some of those free online tools are using build-in [...]

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27. February, 2014

Ultimate list of Motion Infographic Templates

Infographic popularity over the past few years has increased by more than a few hundred percent. There are many reasons why this happened,but mainly because of the rapid rhythm of life forces to present information clearly and concisely to save the reader or consumer time. A picture is worth a thousand words , and there is no better way to express information, than present it in visual way. We all love infographics : they are easy to watch and understand, the information provided via illustrations , charts and tables makes it clear and understandable.To Watch and enjoy infographics is easy, but it is much more difficult to create one. Therefore infographic template is a great and [...]

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19. November, 2013

TOP 5 Adobe After Effects Infographic Templates

Adobe After Effects is the best software on the market to make awesome and outstanding infographics. It doesn’t really matter which version you are using – CS4, CS5 or CS6. All of them allows you to create amazing projects. Graphic designers simply loves it and consumers are enjoying to watch products build using this great software. Previously, I wrote couple of articles recommending motion graphic templates for Adobe After Effects. I believe some of you, will find this post useful, as to find a good infographic templates for AE projects takes a lot of time. Especially, when you have limited time frame, results has to be quick, yet good quality is also important. [...]

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