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24. May, 2017

What are the 11 widely used public relation activities?

Public relation activities are widely used in any type marketing campaigns. Some of these activates might be more related to marketing and marketing communications, however the end goal is the same. In this article we walk through the 11 most used public relation activities.

1.  Press Release Public Relation Activities

This perhaps is one of the best and most effective activities in the marketing field. The reason for this is very simple. If we say company X will work on monthly or annual report. Once this report is completed, company X sends the report the media hoping they will publish it for FREE. This also works for video news release. It is highly likely the media [...]

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23. December, 2015

Mobile App Advertisement for Beginners

There is a long way from the initial idea through tedious coding, interface design, alpha and beta testing to final product. However, at the end of the road, another is waiting for you, because it is not enough just to set up the application in the App Store or Google Play. How to ensure that the application reaches the end user?

The number of mobile applications today is so big that it’s indeed a very difficult job to get to the user to download the application. Without mobile app advertisement, unless you already have a large community of users, you will not go far. It is necessary to advertise your mobile app on Google or Facebook, targeted precisely to the people you [...]

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