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12. February, 2014

Infographic Template for Your Next Infographic – TOP 5

Infographic template for any type of business,product or website.Top infographic templates for Powerpoint and Adobe AE.Professionally designed infographic templates.
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6. December, 2013

After Effects Infographic Tutorial – Ultimate Video List for Beginners

After Effects Infographic Tutorial – List for Beginners

Some time ago we have posted an article with couple of After Effects infographic tutorial videos. If you haven’t yet we would recommend you to check it out. After Effects is the most popular software among graphic design community. If you are graphic design  beginner and would like to learn how to make infographics, this list will definitely help you. Some of these After Effects Infographic tutorial videos you might seen before. But for your comfort, we collected some great tutorials into one place. Below listed After Effects Infographic tutorial s  covering basics  and showing  how to create  infographic elements or [...]

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19. November, 2013

TOP 5 Adobe After Effects Infographic Templates

Adobe After Effects is the best software on the market to make awesome and outstanding infographics. It doesn’t really matter which version you are using – CS4, CS5 or CS6. All of them allows you to create amazing projects. Graphic designers simply loves it and consumers are enjoying to watch products build using this great software. Previously, I wrote couple of articles recommending motion graphic templates for Adobe After Effects. I believe some of you, will find this post useful, as to find a good infographic templates for AE projects takes a lot of time. Especially, when you have limited time frame, results has to be quick, yet good quality is also important. [...]

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22. September, 2013

12 Video Infographics Created by Google

Google Infographics

Google is one of the most powerful and influential companies in the world. Whenever they are launching a new product it will always be more or less successful. I have collected couple of video infographics created by Google. Whether you are beginner or professional graphic designer, it’s always good to see how product infographic presentations are created by most powerful companies such as Google. By watching these video infographics you might also discover Google products you didn’t know about.

Have you looked at Blogger lately?

Introducing the +1 Button

Google Consumer Surveys

Introducing Google eBooks

Inside [...]
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