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21. April, 2014

Adobe AE Infographic Tutorial – How to create Pie Charts and Circles

Pie Charts and circles are one of the essential elements creating infographics in Adobe After Effects. They are really useful to show percentages, volumes, number of units and so fort. Pie Charts are a really good way to show relative sizes: it is easy to see which objects are most liked, and which are least liked, at a glance.No need of explanation.Numerical proportions speaks for them self. Viewers instantly understand proportions and it helps them to absorb information quicker and more efficiently. Similar to Pie Charts, circles are also one of the most common and necessary elements used in infographics. Circle might be perfect solution connecting infographic scenes in Adobe AE. [...]

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20. April, 2014

40+ Best Infographic Templates and Elements for Infographics Design

If you are looking for best quality and stunning design infographic template, this post will definitely help you. We have selected fresh and most recent flat design infographic templates. Keynote and PowerPoint infographics are really popular today. Using powerful presentation tools like Keynote or MS Powerpoint, you can create awesome presentations and visualize your data in professional way.

To make creation process faster and easier, infographic template might be perfect choice. It doesn’t matter if you are top graphic designer or beginner, infographic template helps anyone to achieve their goals quickly and professionally. Your colleagues, customers or website [...]

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12. February, 2014

Infographic Template for Your Next Infographic – TOP 5

Infographic template for any type of business,product or website.Top infographic templates for Powerpoint and Adobe AE.Professionally designed infographic templates.
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6. December, 2013

After Effects Infographic Tutorial – Ultimate Video List for Beginners

After Effects Infographic Tutorial – List for Beginners

Some time ago we have posted an article with couple of After Effects infographic tutorial videos. If you haven’t yet we would recommend you to check it out. After Effects is the most popular software among graphic design community. If you are graphic design  beginner and would like to learn how to make infographics, this list will definitely help you. Some of these After Effects Infographic tutorial videos you might seen before. But for your comfort, we collected some great tutorials into one place. Below listed After Effects Infographic tutorial s  covering basics  and showing  how to create  infographic elements or [...]

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