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11. January, 2016

8 Web Design Trends That Are Bound to Be Huge in 2016

Web design is a very rapidly changing and trends come and go very quickly. We are still working with some of these trends today, flat design, performance and speed, improving user experience and so… However, what are the web design trends we can expect in 2016?

More experimentation with menus

More and more web designs resulting with the so-called “hidden menu”, more often you will encounter a website where menus will not be visible immediately on top of the web page. The newest trend in web design are menus that open by pressing the menu button on the left or the right or by clicking on the one of the elements on website.

Scrolling or not

There are [...]

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5. January, 2016

The State of Content Marketing Rules for 2016

According to the American magazine Forbes, one of the most successful business magazine in the world, in 2016, we can expect several trends in content marketing that will dominate. Pay attention to your business year 2015 in terms of marketing content and compare it with the predictions for 2016. A comparison can actually be a great guideline for planning your content marketing for 2016. In 2016, marketing facilities expect big changes. To be ahead of the competition, you will have to adapt quickly.

4 trends in content marketing which will dominate in 2016

# 1 The content will be completely focused on customers

So far, we already wrote about the purpose of [...]

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29. December, 2015

5 Social Media Marketing Trends For 2016

We can expect a very interesting year for the social media marketing. New forms of communication, advertising, new technological solutions, and many interesting features, waiting to take advantage of their full potential.

For next year’s is predicted the growth of advertising on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), especially video advertising. The new options and new tools will be available for more accurate advertising, and targeting of the target user group. In addition, new forms of publishing content on social networks could reduce the cost of communication, which could lead to an increase in competition, or an increase in the presence of the [...]

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18. December, 2015

2016 Web UX Design Trends

The secrets of successful web sites are quite simple and based on the basic principles of design. A striking, efficient site will be conspicuous, easy to remember and have a sense of uniqueness to some level. Such sites will remain in the mind of the viewer in relation to competition sites and is much more likely to result in the return traffic.

However, good design does not begin and end with the visual aspects of the products. To truly succeed and achieve satisfied customers, the website must be accessible and “user-friendly”. In other words, must put the emphasis on the user experience or UX. Paying attention to UX will lead to better the resulting [...]

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