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17. November, 2015

Best Graphics for Holidays 2015

Since we are closer to the holidays, this article is dedicated to those magical moments. We have prepared the best graphics for holidays 2015 intended for all occasions. Here you can find graphics such as banners, backgrounds, flyers, facebook covers, invitations, infographic elements, cards and more. Have you considered that this Christmas you create infographic Christmas cards? Check it out, you will be¬†delighted ūüôā

Holidays 2015 Party Flyer Template

Preview and download here.


* The headline ‚ÄúMerry Christmas‚ÄĚ is not editable. All object are resizable, with no quality loss, removable [...]

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3. November, 2015

Is Online Paid Media Still Effective in 2015?

Online¬†paid media¬†is very desirable and convenient in business world. It can be very effective when it’s done in the right way, moderately and unobtrusively, when aimed at the right audience and when it occurs in the right place at the right time, when we are informed about a product and service in a friendly way, when offers a discount or an action, when rewards us when clicking includes us in¬†game, when clicks leads to something meaningful, not just a mere closing ad, removal, and skipping¬†advertisements. We are sure that none of the companies do not want their ads to feel unwanted.

However, last researches show that in the world about every fourth Internet user has [...]

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16. October, 2015

Most Popular Programming Languages in 2015

We often meet¬†with the question what is the best programming language. Anyone who thought¬†at least a little about this, realizes that there is no easy and definitive answer. However, analysis¬†¬†made by sites for employment and salaries of programmers, may to some extent create an image which¬†programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčare at the very top of the list of required programming languages.

Also, we all wonder which programming language we should learn first. Unfortunately, again, on this issue no one knows absolutely correct answer. If you are a developer, then it might be even more difficult to determine because there are so many things to compare. Which programming language you should [...]

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7. October, 2015

Be SEO Smart in 2015

Investing in SEO is definitely something that is worth for your business, like any investment in communications and marketing, it will bring an increase in sales if you done it right.

There are lot of tips and tricks on how to better optimize websites for search engines. However, in Internet marketing, including in the field of search engine optimization, rules are changing quickly. Google regularly refreshes its algorithms and criteria, change the search habits, but also the rules of what is allowed and what is not. Some procedures and practices that are respected by SEO experts and which they recommend wholeheartedly year or two ago, today will do more harm than good. What [...]

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