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18. April, 2017

Avoid These Common Web Design Mistakes When Building Your Business Website

Running a business website can often be a disappointing affair. The upsurge of visitors could quickly turn into a trickle and you might experience people leaving your website without converting to subscribers and customers. Even if you invest effort, time and money, the results can still be pretty mediocre, to say the least. When this happens, most website owners focus on fixing up the content, improving the marketing strategy and SEO and tend to neglect one crucial aspect and that is the web design. That said, here are the most common web design mistakes you should avoid when building a business website.

Having a slow website

Incorporating the latest technologies and [...]

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5. January, 2015

The trends in web design for 2015 [infographic]

The way we use the web is changing in line with the growth of technology. Smartphones and tablets have become a major factor which influencing the design of the web. What are the trends in web design for 2015?

If content is king, then the design is the crown. Home page should be more comprehensive. Visitors must get a sense of intuitive and dynamic interaction. Responsive design of website remains still imperative. Every owner who cares for his visitors should have designed a website that includes technology to automatically adjust the content to the devices where they are read. In the future responsive design will adapt to smart TVs and smart watches, not only monitors, smart [...]

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