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22. June, 2015

Infographics are great marketing tool

Infographics are great marketing tool because they are understandable and easily represent specific solutions or statistical data. Infographics should impress you with the compound of useful information, valuable content and creative design (color, statistics, lines, diagrams, forms). Infographics can be an excellent replacement for PowerPoint presentations, can also be used to display the achievements and accomplishments of the team, campaign, brand, directing visitors to your site, which is positive for the SEO optimization, particularly when it comes to building links.

Most people belong to the so-called visual learners, people better understand and remember visual content. [...]

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10. June, 2015

The history of infographics

As you may have noticed, we write a lot about infographics because they are so great. But, do you know how and when they occurred and from where they come from? In this article we will say something about the history of infographics, and also attach infographic related to that topic.

During prehistory, our early ancestors created the first informational graphics: pictures inside the caves, and later on the map. The beginnings of maps dating from much earlier records, known example is map Çatalhöyük from 7500 BC. Later people began to use symbols to mark cattle and stock. Natives from Central America were depicting travels of past generations with various images. These images [...]

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4. June, 2015

Elephone P5000 smartphone review

While some smartphone manufacturers are competing which device will have a minimum thickness of housing, companies like Elephone pay more attention to the longer autonomy of the unit. Elephone developed P5000 smartphone. The energy needed for the work device draw from the battery with capacity of 5350 mAh.

For now, it is the largest battery capacity that is ever installed in a single smartphone, especially in the smartphone dimensions 144 x 71 x 9.3 millimeters. For comparison and say that the thickness of the P5000 device equal to the thickness of the iPhone 4. The manufacturer states that the battery provides up to 4 days of autonomy, and when it is empty,  charge to [...]

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2. June, 2015

Google helps us every day

Nowadays demand for things that interest us are becoming much easier. Whether you want to buy something, go somewhere, to find out something or do something. Studies have shown that people in many countries use more mobile devices than computers to get information. Today we bring you 4 moment that every marketer should recognize.

I-want-to-know moments

I am convinced that we all sometimes asked ourselves how high the Eifel Tower, which is the deepest sea, which is the largest country or something else.

What do people do when they ask such a question? The answer is very clear. They pull a mobile device and search for an answer with the help of Google. All information [...]

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