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23. November, 2016


Social Media is access to information any time, whenever you need, at any place, is easier today than ever before. Globalization and existence of internet are facilitating how people globally access information, whether via their tablets, mobiles or PCs. To the business owners, it is good to remember that individuals can easily influence their companies’ image. Social Media is one of the important channels to generate customer feedback more trustworthy for external parties from the business.

Why Is Digital Marketing Beneficial to your Company?

That is important! Through the use of such internet channels individuals, which may be customers, will post positive feedback [...]

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31. October, 2016

Infographic tools create your idea into online traffic

Infographics tools have risen in popularity recently, and even more, the online tools have become inexpensive making anyone able to create them. Images build a lot of engagement compared to using only text posts, and in fact, infographics can help you build links that boost your traffic. People appreciate the information that they can be able to consume easily and quickly that is why infographics are appropriate.

There are 5 infographics tools that would be helpful when building your infographics. Please read below to find out more about the beauty and power of creating one.



You may have a company that does study or survey, [...]

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21. October, 2015

2015 in Back to the Future – How accurate was the movie?

If you didn’t watch the movie Back to the Future then maybe you don’t know that the fuss with this day is all about. 21st October is the date when Marty McFly and his friend Doc Brown visited the future. But the most important thing – they visited 2015. Producers at that time couldn’t know what will happen in 2015 and they had to guess. How good were with their guessing? Check below.

Flying Cars

Let’s start with the technology writers of the movie didn’t guess! Automobile technology that we have today is not even close to making a flying car we saw in the movie. If you want to go somewhere you have to take the road, or sit on the airplane.

Inside-Out [...]

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22. June, 2015

Why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook

Did it happened you to post status (promotional for business or private), and you got likes only from few people, and even less comments, but actually the discussion was the target. Here are 3 key tips that will help you to get more likes and comments:

Write the status when your friends are online. It makes no sense to write in the morning if most of your friends are on Facebookin the afternoon, because by then your status will not even appear on the cover. If you’re not sure when to post status, you can always check when are most of your friends are online on facebook. Write often, but not too often. If you have 5 statuses every day do not expect that all your statuses [...]
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