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20. September, 2016

Parenting in the Digital Age

Parenting in the Digital Age

Online platforms in the digital age and the digital devices have heavily influenced the world and have formed the digital age among all teenagers’. Parents and their children now live in. Among 13- to 17-year-olds parents about 94% own a laptop or desktop computer; 72% use Facebook; 76% own a smartphone; and 84% visit online websites at occasionally. They usually utilize a smartphone, other mobile handheld device or a tablet.

Parenting in the digital age has become uneasy for today’s parents due to the technology challenges witnessed in this generation than any other before.

78 percent of surveyed by Family Online Safety [...]

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21. October, 2015

2015 in Back to the Future – How accurate was the movie?

If you didn’t watch the movie Back to the Future then maybe you don’t know that the fuss with this day is all about. 21st October is the date when Marty McFly and his friend Doc Brown visited the future. But the most important thing – they visited 2015. Producers at that time couldn’t know what will happen in 2015 and they had to guess. How good were with their guessing? Check below.

Flying Cars

Let’s start with the technology writers of the movie didn’t guess! Automobile technology that we have today is not even close to making a flying car we saw in the movie. If you want to go somewhere you have to take the road, or sit on the airplane.

Inside-Out [...]

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22. June, 2015

Why people enjoy liking, commenting, and sharing on Facebook

Did it happened you to post status (promotional for business or private), and you got likes only from few people, and even less comments, but actually the discussion was the target. Here are 3 key tips that will help you to get more likes and comments:

Write the status when your friends are online. It makes no sense to write in the morning if most of your friends are on Facebookin the afternoon, because by then your status will not even appear on the cover. If you’re not sure when to post status, you can always check when are most of your friends are online on facebook. Write often, but not too often. If you have 5 statuses every day do not expect that all your statuses [...]
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22. June, 2015

Infographics are great marketing tool

Infographics are great marketing tool because they are understandable and easily represent specific solutions or statistical data. Infographics should impress you with the compound of useful information, valuable content and creative design (color, statistics, lines, diagrams, forms). Infographics can be an excellent replacement for PowerPoint presentations, can also be used to display the achievements and accomplishments of the team, campaign, brand, directing visitors to your site, which is positive for the SEO optimization, particularly when it comes to building links.

Most people belong to the so-called visual learners, people better understand and remember visual content. [...]

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