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18. December, 2014

10 creative logo templates for download

Logo is the most visible element of graphic design in business communication. Logo derive meaning and must be carefully composed to be effective. “Design of these symbols is crucial for effectiveness” (Stahle 2002: 17-18)

Today’s environment is more visually oriented and it’s more complex to build a new identity. Branding the new identity is the art of designing unique visual language from ideas – concept to the logo. The original logo is a very valuable asset of the company or institution. Logo design is not only the creation of a new form, but the process of constructing new meanings when transferring impressions on users.

Below you can [...]

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21. September, 2014

Best Premium Logo Templates

Often we’re seeing an newly opened company which wants from the beginning to create its visual identity, but very often it happens that even after several years of operation it still has not done on a professional level.

The reasons for poor visual identity are many, one of them is the lack of perception of the importance of the visual identity of the business. Often it’s about the fact that the business owner is not willing to invest in a better visual presentation because it believes that it is not worth it or considered a priori that it would require big expense.

You should also know that the visual identity is one of the most important things in [...]

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16. September, 2014

Professional Email Newsletter Templates for your business

We believe that at the present time most of you receive a number of e-mail newsletters. But how many of you sending,  creating  and serve information to their users / customers / business partners?

Email newsletter is a great tool of direct communication. In this article we will explain the basic concepts of email marketing, newsletter how it works, why using it and what are its advantages. We will outline the basic elements of a good newsletter  and suggest 25 tips for good email marketing. Well start from the beginning …

What is email marketing? Email marketing is one of the marketing channel that allows direct communication with end customers / users using [...]

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16. September, 2014

Invoice Templates – Importance of invoices in business

Our blog readers wants to know more about importance of invoices in business. Recently we have made infographic about flat design. You can read more by checking out this article.

A handshake might have sufficed in the Wild West, but it’s not sufficient for conducting business in the modern arena. The essence of any business is its customers and if you are a small business then your future growth is entirely dependent on your customers. One of the most important forms of business documentation is the invoice, which the seller issues to the buyer to provide details of a good or service the seller has provided.

The invoicing process can be simplified through by going [...]

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