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14. December, 2017

5 Ways Technology Has Transformed Business

Technology is what separates humans from primates; since the first time our ancestors realized that they could make tools by banging two rocks together, our fate was sealed. And wouldn’t you know it, sometime twelve thousand years later we managed to set foot on the moon, and now the human race is working on establishing the first permanent, man-made colony on a different planet.

But technology has done much more for us than that; it brought an end to famine in most parts of the world, we’re curing diseases which were once considered incurable and of course, technology has completely transformed the way we do business with each other. Let’s focus on that last bit for a second, [...]

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10. November, 2014

Technology Infographics

You have a problem with the visualization of large amounts of data? Have you ever heard of the infographic? A lot of people for a term infographics never heard of, but what is interesting is that we are surrounded daily infographics. We can and find almost everywhere – in traffic, forecast maps, public institutions and the like.

Infographics are graphic representations of information, data or knowledge intended for rapid and clear presentation of complex information. The process of creating infographics can be called data visualization, information design and information architecture. Their purpose is to interested readers and in a clear, attractive and interesting way [...]

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