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3. June, 2017

How To Write Effective Professional Resume With Your Skills

How to write effective professional resume was the question, I asked myself when I graduated. Do not worry, I have been there where you stand today. If you are reading this article keep reading, because I am here to help you land this perfect dream job.


Employers do want applicants who match the exact job criteria according to the resumes submitted by all the applicants for a particular job. Writing effective and professional CV requires time and effort and if you are not in a mood and frustrated by all the rejections you received. Do not panic if you have not received a lot of rejections and not even one phone call for an interview. This only means it is time to [...]

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16. December, 2014

10 Fresh New Creative Resume Templates

In this strong competition and a vast number of applications is a real challenge to stand out, and many people resort to creative resumes in order for their attention.

Before you decide on something, think about the following: not every resume will make an impression as you desire. We bring detailed insight into the trends of Planning CV that will help you in assessing when to choose something, and when not.

1) The curriculum that emphasizes achievements

Although the advice that is good to emphasize your accomplishments in CV, it seems that many of these lead to extremes. Curriculum vitae in which you emphasize the achievements and skills is different from the [...]

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