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16. September, 2014

Professional Email Newsletter Templates for your business

We believe that at the present time most of you receive a number of e-mail newsletters. But how many of you sending,  creating  and serve information to their users / customers / business partners?

Email newsletter is a great tool of direct communication. In this article we will explain the basic concepts of email marketing, newsletter how it works, why using it and what are its advantages. We will outline the basic elements of a good newsletter  and suggest 25 tips for good email marketing. Well start from the beginning …

What is email marketing? Email marketing is one of the marketing channel that allows direct communication with end customers / users using [...]

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15. September, 2014

The importance of newsletters in presenting your business

No matter what you do, the basic premise of every company is be observed in the market, attract new customers and realize higher incomes. In the context of electronic commerce, the basic tool for this is the website.

One of the great ways to make a good customer a relationship with the costumers and attract them to your website is a communication through newsletters. If this is so far a unknown term for you, it is a method of informing and communicating with customers through short and clear messages (intentionally emphasize short, we will explain why later) that are sent by e-mail.

Thanks to the open structure of e-mail, with a certain amount of creativity, it is [...]

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