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24. December, 2014

Facebook and Twitter can sometimes be a reason for quitting job [infographic]

Before the job satisfaction of employees was measured by the days of vacation and personal income. Today, is measured by access to Facebook and Twitter on workplace. Is that a bad thing or not, it could be discussed.

Basically the company that blocked access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, in order to maintain production levels, didn’t achieveed much because employees use personal smartphones or tablets. The most interesting is that some people are thinking about quitting their jobs if they find themselves in situation in which they don’t have access to social networks during work hours. On this subject, see infographic to learn how some people think [...]

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22. December, 2014

The popularity of Pinterest [Infographic]

Recently, there is more and more content on the Internet that allows its users easily perform certain tasks. In addition, these facilities were launched mostly because of its fun note that attracts more users. Pineterest is another novelty in the modern world of the Internet. It is a social network that primarily allows sharing photos.

Pinterest is a social network created in 2010 which recently recorded over 10 million users, mostly from the area of the United States. According to the research conducted it has shown that Pinterest users are most women.

Why is it so? The explanation is quite simple. To make the picture a little clearer it is a network where users can [...]

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19. December, 2014

Cookies for monitoring in the service of powerful companies [infographic]

Cookies but not as delicious snacks but “server cookies” are not a secret. They consist of coded data and mostly serve the same purpose even though do not necessarily have the same functionality. They are used for many years to monitor the marketing and research scenarios.

The European Union passed a directive on web cookies to all pages that use them notify visitors. Surely you have noticed that when you open certain websites at the same time appears a notice of their existence. If you don’t want the web page you visit to record your data, you simply don’t have to give your consent. Also, you can control the settings for cookies, remove, and configure [...]

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18. December, 2014

SEO: Which factors are crucial for position of the website on Google search engine? [infographic]

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” or simplified, it is the optimization of a website to attract visitors by achieving higher positions in search results for Google search engine.

SEO experts around the world discuss the best methods to optimize a website because Google uses about 200 elements in its algorithm, by which website is ranked, ie. displayed in the search engine. Below we bring you infographic that explains what “Google likes and dislikes,” in ranking websites. Probably you already know something about SEO if you’re an SEO expert or a website owner, but we believe that you will find at least two or three elements that you [...]

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