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13. November, 2014

The importance of Business Intelligence

But first, what is business intelligence?

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term that encompasses a set of methodologies (Data Warehousing, Data Mining, OLAP) and software tools, which enable the use of data from different data warehouses and converting them into information needed to make business decisions.

Business intelligence system is a system that stores information and knowledge about competition, customers, suppliers and processes of an organization. It enables business negotiation and numerically reasoned approach to customers and business partners, the quality of operational planning, monitoring the behavior of competitors, the observation of certain market segments, [...]

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12. November, 2014

Top 5 infographic templates

Since is coming the end of 2014, we decided to choose top 5 infographic templates.

Infographics are now one of the most interesting and most practical means of communicating and presenting content in content marketing. They are suitable for online media, but also for offline. They’re amazing because they are legible, clear and bring the reader information in a quick and transparent way. Also, content sharing is facilitated because the data are in one place, and are presented to the reader a fun and interesting way.

5 reasons why to use Infographic:

It promotes a brand It is easy to understand Increases interaction with users Allows sharing on the Internet Increases [...]
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11. November, 2014

Best rated powerpoint infographic template in 2014

First and most important rule is one that must never be forgotten that bad slides destroying good content. As much as you want that’s not true, your colleagues, clients, audiences before they even begin to read the content, will notice the aesthetic of presentation.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a PowerPoint presentation is treating the presentation as if the Word document. Remember, your slides are there to show rather than tell, in other words, their task is to highlight your most important points in a visually interesting way.

Since is coming the end of 2014, we can safely declare that Marketbees PowerPoint Template  by designer kh2838 [...]

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10. November, 2014

Most popular infographic resume template in 2014.

Why infographic resume template ?

This is a resume that demonstrates creativity, experience, achievements and personality at once. Generally this kind of resume fare best in artistic / creative / IT occupations. Of course, keep in mind that the performance should not overshadow the information – it’s nice that you are creative, but you have to provide the content too.

Most popular infographic resume template in 2014.

Since is coming the end of 2014, we can safely declare that Clean Infographic Resume template by designer paolo6180 is the most popular infographic resume template in 2014, with more than 900 sales on graphicriver.net. What makes this resume special is [...]

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