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24. July, 2017

How To Create Influencing Content Targeting Influencing People

Influencing content is integrated into the Google’s search algorithm. It is no secret or mystery that Google really cares about the customer experience. That being said, I think I cannot stress, how important content is.

This article will help you understand the concept and the idea of how to create influencing content. As you might know, when it comes to marketing strategies and SEO campaigns many people scratch their heads. Others might claim to know it all. I have listed few bullet proof tactics used by experts on Moz, well if you do not believe me, try to believe at least someone.

Influencing Back Links

You often need a content and in fact very good quality [...]

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11. November, 2014

Best rated powerpoint infographic template in 2014

First and most important rule is one that must never be forgotten that bad slides destroying good content. As much as you want that’s not true, your colleagues, clients, audiences before they even begin to read the content, will notice the aesthetic of presentation.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating a PowerPoint presentation is treating the presentation as if the Word document. Remember, your slides are there to show rather than tell, in other words, their task is to highlight your most important points in a visually interesting way.

Since is coming the end of 2014, we can safely declare that Marketbees PowerPoint Template  by designer kh2838 [...]

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