RWATCH M26s Smart Watch Review

by Techinfographics9. April, 2015



One of the newest devices to hit the market is smart-watch. This device is different from normal watches since it can connect to your smart-phone and enhance its features. We were quite surprised how Rwatch M26s works quite well. We’ve used this device for more than a week and it didn’t have any problems. When a call comes in and the smartwatch is linked to your smartphone, you can actually just leave your phone in your pocket and answer the call using watch. Incoming notifications will also appear on the watch display so you can easily glance on it and see if it is important or not.

On the screen, you can find three buttons – particularly combination confirms the selection, volume control and rejection. On the right side of the watch, you can find a one-off button, while the left side of the watch, you can see a speaker, USB connector for charging the watch and microphone for carrying calls. First turn on the watch very quickly without absolutely nothing set. After connecting Bluetooth, it’s very simple and quickly to control the watch.

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
People: Unisex watch
Waterproof: NO
Language: English, Simplified/TraditionalChinese
Screen: LCD
Battery type: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery capacity: 230mAh / 3.7V
Bluetooth working range: About 15M
Available color: Black, White, Blue

Weight and Size
The dial thickness: 0.7 cm / 0.28 inches
The dial diameter: 1.9 cm / 0.75 inches
The band width: 1.9 cm / 0.75 inches
Product weight: 0.055 kg

Main Functions of Rwatch M26s:

  • Bluetooth: turn on first and connect with a Bluetooth machine
  • Phonebook: after connection, click the Phonebook to download and sync name list on the phone(max 1000 entries); and then you can phone calls
  • Call log: missed calls, dialed calls, received calls, all calls
  • Message: show Inbox(max 10) and Sent messages(max 10)
  • Remote Notifications: enter the remote notification feature, you can see the latest mobile phone sync information; only shows the latest news
  • Music: play music on the watch(also play on the cellphone but without sound), and Bluetooth earphone can be connected to enjoy the music, volum+/- button for netx/previous song
  • Altimeter: measure the height of altitude at any time
  • Pedometer: can show your steps, distance and KCAL you burned
  • Remote Camera: take pictures on the watch, save and view pictures on the smartphone
  • Toolbox/Setting: time, date, ringtone(silent, vibration and ringtone 1, ringtone 1 to select), stopwatch, alarm, power saving mode, About Bluetooth Watch

 Best price for Rwatch M26s is on gearbest.com for $39.99, but if you use our coupon code “gbm26s” (use without quotes) will get you a discount, bringing down the total price of the product to $33.99

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