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How to Create a Killer Logo: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid



There’s so much to be said about logo design – something so simple and miniature holds so much power. We can see in the examples of famous brands how their logos strengthen their identity. The images imprint into consumers’ minds and very often become more identifiable than the brand’s name. When you think of Nike, for example, you’re likely to instantly envision the big swoosh.

So what’s the secret to killer logo design and how can you use it to establish a strong identity for your brand? To help make your logo a roaring success, we’ve put together some useful tips and most common mistakes to avoid.

Define your brand first

Your logo will be the first thing that grasps your potential customers’ attention – and that’s why it’s important that you convey the core values of your brand through this visual. Think of it as showing the feel of your brand to your audience. What do you want your audience to identify your logo with? Maybe you want them to think “clean and organic” or “high-tech” or “creative” or “family-oriented”, and so on.

Don’t try to be a million things at once – just focus on that first visual impression. Define your goals clearly first so that you can communicate them effectively to the professional graphic designer you choose to work with.

Strive for simplicity


Expert graphic designers know all too well why simplicity is key, but too often they have to “fight” their clients on it and spend hours convincing them to get rid of all the excess visuals. Always keep this in mind: a logo is an emblem. Emblems are visually simple because simplicity has the power to engage the audience and to settle itself in their memory. The Nike or Apple logos, for example, are a perfect example of making a statement with simplicity.

So get rid of all the excess symbols, colors, experimentation with typography, and unnecessary details and embrace a minimalist approach. Just like flat web design, good logo design doesn’t rely on visual realism and excessive depth in images to convey its message.

Make your logo versatile


Tying your logo exclusively to one specific color scheme, format, media etc. will only bring you difficulties in the future when you have to readjust it over and over again. If you take a look into the work of some of the best branding and logo design agencies you’ll be able to pinpoint right away how all their designs are highly adaptable. It really sets the pros apart from those who’re just trying to keep up.

Make sure your logo achieves great presentation in any format: its original color scheme as well as an altered one, black and white, flipped vertically or horizontally, scaled to its smallest version, digital or in print. That’s why simplicity is important, as it makes it possible for the logo to achieve versatility – especially because a simple logo is easy to identify no matter how scaled it gets. A good tip is to turn to responsive logo design and make different versions of your logo to suit different device resolutions.

Present a story

The best tip for achieving originality is to have your logo tell a simple story in a simple way. Otherwise, you’ll just have some unmemorable lines, swirls, and dots that maybe look pretty but don’t really encourage engagement from potential consumers.

Take the Apple logo for example – the logo starts as a simple fruit, but then a bite is taken out of it. This tiny change masterfully transforms an otherwise uninteresting object and kicks off a story. You’re enticed to think why the bite is there and what it represents. There’s been much talk about the story behind Apple’s logo – theories went way beyond what the creators had in mind, and that just makes it all the more interesting and memorable.

…but don’t overdo it


Again, you don’t want to tell a long tale here and go into some deep, mystical logo design escapades. Presenting your audience with a story is meant to entice them and give more identity to your brand. Just a little is enough to create something unique, as we’ve seen in the example of Apple’s logo. Don’t obsess over being innovative in your logo design – it usually results in being counterintuitive.

Creating a killer logo design requires an open and honest dialogue with your employed graphic designer. But to truly be able to communicate, it’s crucial that you know what you want and understand some basic principles of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to logos. So refer to these tips while you’re brainstorming, and keep these words in mind: identity, simplicity, versatility, story, and moderation.

Innovative SEO Trends To Look Forward In 2018

Clickmatix infographics

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most complicated practices to perform. On the regular basis, Google keeps on changing the algorithms to provide the best possible results for the users. With a view to remaining in the top of the competition, the SEO experts need to be updated with the latest trends in the SEO world. With these SEO practices, you will be able to outrun your competition and get the most quality leads for the business.

ClickMatix is one of the most recommend SEO service providers across the USA. It helps various businesses to make a presence on the digital platform with unique strategy and creative implementation.

It has the experts who do an analysis of the rankings on the regular basis. After analyzing, they prepare a specific SEO strategy for a particular project. To enrich your knowledge related to SEO latest trends in 2018, travel through this graphic and get the brief knowledge for the same.

SEO Trends 2018

Would You Take Investment Advice from a Virtual Robo Adviser?

robo adviser

According to Freedom Debt Relief, a new trend in financial advice is the use of robo advisors. These robo advisors are now being used by brokerage firms like Betterment, Charles Schwab, E*TRADE, and TD Ameritrade. While some people still prefer to speak to a live person, a number of people are now using these robo services for investment advice.

Who Do Robo Advisors Work Best For?

In general, robo advisers work best for people who are happy with their index funds and are looking only for portfolio advice. They do not provide 401K advice or tips for saving for retirement. Robo advisers are most commonly used for smaller accounts, but Freedom Debt Relief reports that some firms have clients with million-dollar portfolios who are also accessing this service.

For those who are interested in using robo advisors, but still need human contact, some brokerage firms also offer a “hybrid” service. Betterment, Schwab, and Vanguard all offer this service. Typically, what happens is that you can choose the option of speaking with a person and the next available advisor will assist you. Although, at some firms, like Personal Capital, you will have a dedicated advisor.

Services Provided by Robo Advisors

As mentioned earlier, robo advisors work well when you need portfolio advice. According to Freedom Debt Relief, you answer a series of questions online, then a virtual advisor matches you with low fee trades that are diversified and tailored to your needs and risk tolerance. This robo advisor is basically a software program that calculates algorithms to find the best match for you. Your portfolio will be monitored and rebalanced throughout the year for tax purposes. And you can do all of this without ever having to speak to a live financial advisor (if you choose).

Fees for Robo Advisor Services

So, the big question is, can you save money by using a robo advisor? Currently, the fees for this service are charged based on the percentage of assets managed. This is the same method a human financial advisor typically uses to charge fees. The current average range for robo advisors is around 0.25 percent annually. However, in some cases, the fees can go up as high as 0.50 percent per year.

Freedom Debt Relief notes that these fees are generally higher if you use a hybrid service. Hybrid fees usually start around 0.30 percent of the assets and can be as much as 0.91 percent – particularly if you have a dedicated person for your financial adviser.

Would You Use This Service?

Now that you know about this service, Freedom Debt Relief wants to know, would you use a robo adviser for financial advice on your portfolio? Arguments can be made for and against this service. Some people simply don’t trust robots and prefer human interaction when discussing their finances. However, others recognize that using a virtual adviser eliminates the potential for self-interest or human error from your adviser. A robo adviser’s recommendations are based solely on its calculations and the information you provide.

Fortunately, many firms offer hybrid services for those who are open to the idea, but still hesitant.

The Benefits of Technology for Language Learning


One of the difficulties that people encounter when they need to travel to other countries for education or work is how to learn how to peak and understand foreign languages.  The problem becomes even deeper because we are talking about adults who are already specialists in one or two languages. Some have a lingua franca and a native language already. So, trying to learn a foreign language as a second or third language can be very onerous. However, innovations in technology have made it possible that some tools, materials, or software could be used to facilitate the learning of foreign languages.


On the general note, the use of classroom systems that are technology integrated has been massively incorporated. These have also been applied in language learning too. These, virtual classrooms that are integrated with language learning solutions are meant to enhance the learner engagement and the role of the instructor. It also goes further to offer comprehensive structured learning. Some of the clear cut benefits of engaging technology in language education are stated below.

Encourages Coloration between Students

Most of the students you will find in language classes are experts in the use of these technologies. Because they are savvy in the use of the tools for these educational methods, they tend to collaborate with each other in the bid to learn and master the languages. They collaborate with each other, share ideas, exchange documents, do online courses, and even get involved in seminars together.

Technology Solves a Lot of Learning Deficiencies

If you take a look at our old education resources like the textbooks and others, they seem to be completely outdated at the moment. You can’t even spend your time reading them even though they contain the same essential information. But the web based language learning platforms and solutions receive easy and regular updates to ensure that they stand in line with the trend and time. So the formats, resources, tools, materials, and content are refreshed and stored on the cloud and accessed anytime they are needed. These could all be accessed by the students from anywhere, giving them the chance to use them and learn in environments that looks like the physical one.

Interactive Learning

As we said before, you cannot get the best when you sit in a classroom only for the teacher to be teaching while you assimilate. There is nothing interactive about this and it is limited in efficiency. The technology tools create the interactive environment where students can do some things with the language and have others look at it. When it involves interacting with those who speak the languages, they learn those subtle components that may not be taught in the classroom

Blended Language Learning

In the bid to increase the level of engagement of the students, online, and classroom systems are combined to teach them the languages. The teacher instructs them on the e-learning modules and exercises to complete and review them after, so as to work on their weak areas.

Wider Reach

With technology as part of the tools for language learning, barriers are broken. It gets to the extent that teachers of those languages could be employed locally. They will, through technology, offer these courses to the students in faraway lands.  This way, everyone in need can access the language courses online, and it makes it possible for them to learn from the best teachers no matter where they may be. Learning from natives is the best. Technology breaks the geographical barrier.

Advantages to Learners

This is basically removed from the issue of learning from the teachers and taken to the concept of using technology to ascertain if the people you intend to communicate with understands. Here, people who hear and understand the language are engaged by those learning it, so as to see if what the learners are saying will make any sense to them. This is the way that learners that are getting it right could be validated. This involves the use of technology to create text after text till the target audience can understand perfectly.

Downsides of Technology for Language Learning

The use of technologies for learning both in the primary and adult levels is now rampant. However, one of the major downsides of this lies in issues of the level of reliability of these technologies. When these technologies are not reliable for classroom use, it could deter teachers from exploiting the benefits.

Another problem with using technology to teach students in the primary and secondary levels is that the kids may be more savvy and competent in the use of these than their teachers. This may prove challenging to the teachers who wouldn’t want to be challenged by their students.

How Software Development Outsourcing Can Help Your Business Grow



Outsourcing has been around for quite a long time. Every time when the company isn’t capable to meet the project’s deadlines, doesn’t have the needed experts, has to lower the cost, or wants to free up some time outsourcing comes in handy. Many companies state that outsourcing the software development is the only way to complete the project on time and with a maximum efficiency. As a business owner, you might want to know how outsourcing is leveraging your business and helps your firm grow. So, why should you choose giving out a scope of work instead of handling it in-house? Below are a few major reasons to hire a company for it.

1. Cost effective and lowers the operational spendings

When you outsource a part of your work (let’s say to Eastern Europe), your company’s expenses will significantly decrease. The Eastern European companies’ rates are much lower. The outsourced teams cost much less than you would pay for the same amount of work to your team. And you do not need to place the other team at your office, they will work on your project remotely. This allows you to cut the costs and save an impressive amount of money (by usually saving the fair level of quality)

2. Best talents and knowledge base

Your company gets to step out and see how the other businesses and professionals work. With that being said, you get to learn from the other companies and pick the best practices to implement in your team. Sharing the knowledge base can leverage both parties.

3. Meet the deadlines and keep focused

During the development cycles, there are always urgent tasks that seem to occur from nowhere. Even if everything your team does is perfectly Agile, you can’t run away from the unexpected circumstances. And keeping focused on project’s goals can be harsh, too. To meet the project’s deadlines and deliver the promised results by the chosen date, you might want to have a pair of hands helping out to handle the project.

4. Time-saving

You don’t have to spend time describing the project, recruiting, hiring, posting job openings, doing interviews and anything else. Outsourcing gives you an opportunity to receive a fully packed professional team almost immediately after signing a contract.

5. Offer the best client service

Let’s say your client wants to have their website redesigned. And that you don’t have UX designers in your team at the moment. With outsourcing, this is not a problem to find any IT professional you need to complete the project. So that allows you to widen your expertise and offer more services to your clients. If you don’t know how to do the project’s part best – you better find an expert who can do it and outsource it to them.

6. Be flexible

You don’t want to keep 3 manual testers in-house, especially if you don’t have any projects for them at the moment. Outsourcing allows you to be flexible in terms of in-house team and its capabilities. You also save a lot of precious time by communicating on Skype, and not attending meetings to discuss the project’s details every day. Outsource team is always very adjustable to your time zone and schedule.

Before you go

If you would like to change the way your business works, make a development cycle faster and more effective, you should seriously consider outsourcing software development. It is cost effective, lowers your operational spendings, allows you to choose the best talents and resources for your projects, and (the most important!) deliver everything on time.

8 Incredible Tools for Creating Infographics


Living in this digital era, we are surely spoiled by the instant help of technology. It seems like there is always an application we can use to do whatever it is that we need. When it comes to creating infographics, for example. Instead of hiring someone with qualified design background and experiences, low cost and even free digital infographic makers are available at our service. Well, in that case, who would not want to give these handy tools a try?  Here are some of the helpful tools:

1. Visme


In spite of its free of charge service, Visme offers lots of features for its users to create various infographics. Not only are hundreds of fonts available on Visme, but millions of graphics are also free to choose from. The added benefit of using this tool is that it allows you to animate your infographic content along with features to equip your infographics with audio and videos.

2. BeFunky


Not only serving as an online photo editor, it also offers a customizable infographic making experience. You can choose a template, theme, millions of images, and various other graphics. The tool accommodates you to create relatable, discernable and fun infographics in four simple steps:

  • Pick a template
  • Add images and other graphics
  • Customize text and layout
  • Save and export the finalized infographic

The basic service can be used for free, or if you prefer more features and comfort, like designing full screen and without the nuisance from ads, you may want to try BeFunky Plus at $4.95 per month or $2.91 per year.

3. Snappa


This tool can be the savior for those in need of instant infographics. Snappa allows you to get away with an infographic ready in ten minutes. Although this may be seen to lack the features graphic designers need, it definitely saves time. The bonus of using the tool is that its templates have been optimized for social media platforms, allowing users to promote and share on those platforms easily.
Should you need maximum five infographic downloads every month, the free version should be adequate. However, if you need more, the monthly paid version at $10 will be a good deal for you as it offers unlimited number of downloads.

4. Infogram


If what you plan on making is a cool infographic with video(s), you should try this tool. Not only that, it offers different kinds of graphics, such as charts and maps. You can create the data you need in the style of Excel sheets and edit it as you go. Then, Infogram will change the way it looks accordingly. You will be given some options. Once you are happy with the one produced by the platform, you can simply publish it. It can be promoted on Infogram website, your own website, or your social media accounts.
There are two kinds of Inforgram services: the free one and the other one that costs $19 per month.

5. Animaker


If you are bored with regular infographics, Animaker might be suitable for you. Instead of static images and charts, Animaker allows you to present video infographics. The video version has been claimed to be ten times more interesting than regular ones. When using Animaker free account, you can create five videos with 2 minutes duration in standard definition. You can also upgrade for longer, more, and high definition videos by using the paid version at $12 per month.

6. Vizualize


Sometimes standard resume is not adequate. You may need to visualize your resume. Vizualize is the right tool to create an infographic resume. With Vizualize, you can present your personal accomplishment in a good visualization within one click and at no charge.

7. PicMonkey


It is an online image editor with a section focused on creating infographics. You can choose the design from available templates and insert your own images for customization, or from PicMonkey image library which contains thousands of graphics. Even if you are not familiar with creating infographics, PicMonkey provides tutorials to help you design your own infographics.

8. Adioma


Adioma is basically an infographics generator. You can pick basic templates then input and adjust accordingly. Although the service fee is quite high compared to the others, you will have better control of the infographic elements with a special feature, like the template switching feature that enables you to compare how the same amount of data will look in different formats, can make the making process easier. In the end, the monthly fee of minimum $39 will pay off.

How to Create Your ERC20 Wallets and Secure Your Funds



ERC20 is an abbreviation for Ethereum Request for Comments with 20 being the unique proposal identity. ERC20 is not a technology, software, or piece of code. It is a technical specification. If a token implements the spec, it is an ERC20 token.

An ERC20 Wallet is an Ethereum compatible wallet and the only one that can store ERC20 tokens.

Why do you need an ERC20 compatible wallet?

The best investment avenue comes from the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). A large number of these ICO’s are issued on Ethereum blockchain thus the mandatory requirement to have Ether cryptos and the corresponding wallet that will facilitate the sending and receiving of these coins. This wallet is doubtless an Ethereum wallet. Except for its intangibility, a digital wallet is no different from a real wallet. Just as a wallet can be stolen, so can a digital wallet and especially if operated online or on a device that is frequently internet enabled. Read more here.

It is, however, worth noting that not all Ethereum wallets are compatible with ERC20 tokens. The most popular ones that are compatible include:

  • MyEtherWallet (online operated)
  • MetaMask (Chrome or Firefox extension)
  • Mist (offline desktop)
  • Parity (desktop)
  • imTokens (Android OS)

A few incompatible Ethereum wallets are:

  • Coinbase
  • Bittrex
  • Exodus
  • Bitcoin Exchange
  • Ethereum Exchange

These means that any Ether coins held in an incompatible wallet should first be moved to a compatible one to proceed with transactions.

How to create an ERC20 wallet

Having established the wallets that are compatible with ERC20 and those that are not, let’s proceed to create an Ethereum compatible wallet online and another offline. The steps are fairly simple:

MyEtherWallet (online)

  • Download the latest version from the website myetherwallet.com
  • An option to ‘create a new wallet’ will appear. Create a password by keying in a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to make the password as indecipherable as possible. It is advisable to back it up by noting it down in a paper and keeping it in a safe place.
  • Save your keystore This is so important that it cannot be over-emphasized. Secure it as it will someday hopefully be worth millions of dollars.
  • Save your wallet by clicking on ‘download key store file.’ Add to your backup by saving it to USB stick or notebook that is safely guarded.
  • Save your private key by clicking on ‘I understand, continue’. This private key is a string of symbols and requires proper security. Once forgotten, it cannot be recovered. It is therefore advisable to print it and tuck it away safely.
  • Click on ‘see my wallet address’. Then click on ‘view wallet info’ and ‘select wallet file’. Navigate to the “UTC-2018…” keystore file you saved earlier. Key in your keystore password and click ‘unlock’.

Your wallet is now unlocked and ready to use! You are now able to view your public address which is a string of letters and numbers, your Ether balance, transaction history and your private key if you opt to. You can also now print your paper wallet.

A cautionary word: never give out your private key to undertake a transaction. Always use the account address.

Ethereum Mist wallet (offline desktop)

Mention has been made of the additional security in safeguarding an offline wallet. Let’s now go through a step-by-step guide to opening an offline wallet:

  • Get the latest version of Mist on GitHub that your system can accept and download it.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and launch the Ethereum wallet App.
  • Two options will appear. Click on ‘Use the main ‘
  • A pop-up window asking whether you have a wallet file will appear and since the assumption is made that you are opening for the first time, click on ‘Skip’.
  • Create a password. Do this by jumbling up symbols, letters, and numbers and ensure to make it as strong as possible. Write it down on a paper and save it where you store your valuable information. It is important to remember that the password, once lost, is irrecoverable.
  • Backup password and keystore file then click ‘OK’.

Your wallet is ready for loading.

How to store ERC tokens on your new wallet

It is an easy process to store ERC tokens in your wallet as we shall see shortly. Before choosing an Exchange, it would do well to examine the fees charged by each as some can be quite high. Once identified, follow these simple steps to load your wallet. For purposes of illustration, we will take Bitstamp as our Exchange platform:

Click on bitstamp.net.

Create an account by filling the contact information required and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy by checking the small box provided.

Click on ‘Register’; Using the email address you provided when creating an account, you will receive login ID and password which to use to login to the site

Change the password to make it personal and strengthen it by combing letter and numbers randomly.

‘Enable two-factor authentication’ for enhanced security

Click on ‘buy/sell’ option, and this will lead to the verification of the account. Click on ‘verify’ to proceed.

Between corporate and personal account, click on ‘personal’ as fill in your details as required. Note that to avoid rejection, uploaded documents and pictures should be of superior quality.

Verification should take about 30 minutes, and our wallet is now ready to receive the first deposit.

Choose ‘deposit’ from the main menu. There are many deposit options, and all attract different fees.

Select the amount you wish to deposit and make the transfer. Depending on the deposit option you chose, the transfer can be immediate or can take a whole day.

Once the account is topped up, click on ‘trading option’ and ‘buy ETH’.

Indicate the amount you wish to spend on buying ETH and click ‘buy’. You now have ETH in your account.

Transfer to your ERC20 wallet by going to the withdraw section of your account and select ‘ETH’. A withdrawal window will appear.

Fill in your wallet address and select ‘amount. Withdraw your Ether to your ERC20 wallet. An email will be generated that will require you to confirm that you have made the transfer. On confirmation the transfer is complete, you have your first Ethereum in your ERC20 wallet.

Just like no business can be started and managed efficiently without adequate tools, neither can any serious investor in the crypto niche conduct business without the ERC20 token wallet. It is a must-have and embraces most of the other crypto token easily.

10 Best Keynote Templates


Everyone knows that preparing good presentation takes time. Luckily, creating personalized templates does not have to be that time consuming with keynote template designs available online.  Some of the available best keynote templates that offer professional looking designs are:

1. Six Keynote Template


In the category of 45 slide presentation, this platform is one of the premium options available. Package comes with several prebuilt color themes.

It provides two kinds of design elements: free ones or the ones used for business. It allows the users to customize icons, shadow, fonts and other things as well as making animated page transitions the way they want it without the need of any graphic software mastery.

2. Motagua –  Multipurpose Keynote Template


This platform offers a vast variety of keynote templates (as many as fifteen thousands, to be exact) for personal use and different business sectors, like corporate business report, management and accounting. Motagua can indeed be considered to be one stop solution for complex animated templates with 16 different color themes and full HD 3 aspect ratio. In addition, not only are they embellished with unique layouts, but they are also equipped with infographics, photo galleries, subtle effects, numerous color choices, and multiple visual options.

3. Ever  - Multipurpose Presentation Keynote Template


Quite similar to other platforms, Ever helps its users create presentations for various business sectors: technology, finance, creative industry, etc. Not requiring downloads of other computer programs, this platform is the perfect for those who are simply looking for editable templates with customizable shapes and colors. Ever provides hundreds of multipurpose slides so there is a big chance that your creative needs are going to be catered well.

4. Kaspian Keynote Presentation


Highlighting the real use of presentation templates, Kaspian ensures readability templates with just the right amount of visual details. Even the good quality animation and use trendy colors it provides can make your presentations more attention grabbing and dynamic. Mind you, this keynote template creator is serious about providing its users with plenty choices: over one hundred slides and fifty infographics as well as some mockup options.

5. Se7en Keynote Template


Serving as a multi purpose keynote template provider, the platform is dedicated to accommodate different commercial sectors: corporate, organization and creative sector. Some of its various options are the ultimate gradient style and easy customization.

6. Verzus Minimal Keynote Template


It promises professional looking templates in minutes. Made to cater a wide range of purposes, countless visual elements have been made available in just a few clicks, like infographics, vector icons, maps, presentation layouts, and editable charts. The templates on this Verzus Minimal are suitable for e-commerce, education, social media, investment

7. Multipurpose Keynote Presentation (Vol. 09)


Focusing on creating unique and stimulating templates, this platform has been recognized to be the number one keynote template provider on Envato Market. This guarantees professional template of high flexibility.

With the availability of two thousand vector icons, vast options of graphs and infographics along with 200 unique slides, you can come up with an original, inspiring presentation.  Another benefit of using this platform is that the visual elements can be edited without the need of Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Quite simple compared to some other keynote template platforms.

In fact, it offers the best solution to introduce business plans to clients, portfolio collection, investment pitch, financial and marketing plan, market analysis, project updates, and other business endeavors.

8. Business Keynote Presentation Template


This website gives its users more than 300 presentation slides, maps, charts, trendy slides for both text and images to choose from. Using modern designs, it produces professional looking keynotes. Its users will also experience easy to use and edit templates as editing tutorial is provided for guideline of easy customization.

Best Multipurpose Presentation Template features Keynote slides for Business Success, SEO, Online Marketing and Marketing Strategies.

9. Rework – Keynote Presentation Template


Those seeking to create effective presentation will love the ones provided by Rework. By using 16 master slides, its users usually spend less than thirty minutes on creating the templates. Such time efficiency  is the result of their features known as basic animated effects and placeholders.

10. Arcama – Keynote Presentation Template


Considered to be in the top ten list of presentation template makers in 2017, it sets a good example of how good keynote templates should be. Equipped with over 4000 font icons world maps of high accuracy, and 9 infinity graphics, this template creator can help you to design a sleek and memorable presentation.

These ten template creators can make the preparation process of your presentation take less time. While some free services are available, the premium ones can give you better control, which means that you get to let your creative flair loose, customize a lot of things and make the presentation more personal and suitable to your needs.

What is the ideal costing of SEO?


A business without the marketing strategies is useless and if you are running an online business then you would surely need to have an innovative digital marketing strategy, certain tools to stand out from the crowd and develop an amazing digital presence! This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in, it is a good idea to boost your business online and it is obviously a helpful factor if your website is coming on the first page on Google and every other search engines.

While some might not know how much does SEO cost? And which SEO package gives what facilities? There are many experts in the field of SEO and one such expert is Blurbpoint Media which has answers to all your questions. They have made an infographic related to SEO to give you information about it. If you are an owner of an online business then this infographic is definitely going to save your time and money as well!

With a view to knowing the pricing of search engine optimization, just travel through this infographics and clear your thoughts about Search Engine Optimization services and prices. So, What are you waiting for? Have a look at the infographics below from Blurbpoint Media


Psychology Inspired Web Design Trends In 2018



Knowing the way of creating an engaging site takes more than just a talent for visuals. Beautiful artwork, engaging colors and tasteful fonts are only a part of the equation. When it comes to creating websites, knowing what looks good can only get you so far.

The reason for why the aesthetic approach is insufficient is simply due to the development of the Internet and web design in general. Nowadays, businesses are investing a lot of their time and money to have a better understanding of what the consumers want to see. Psychology has learned about specific patterns humans take when seeking new information. Combining this with over 20 years of analyzing how people perceive online browsing – a pretty clear picture is formed on the usefulness of combining web design and psychology.

Using some of the already known tricks is common, while some really useful ones are neglected and put aside. 2018 will be the year where your design can flop on the most unsuspecting of details. This is why I will lay down below aspects that can push your website design to the top level.

Subtle animations

While this may seem like something one would say regardless of what year it is, animations hold a very important place in web design. They give life to the web page, while also emphasizing important parts your users may explore. If mouse-overs, clicks, scrolls or other commands influence the animation – a sense of playfulness and vividness is achieved.

During the 00’s it was quite common to see aggressive animations and pop-ups across the board. Websites demanded attention, and they weren’t shy about it. Rarely is there a fun memory of old web design, mostly due to the obnoxious way animations would pop into your sight. They were aggressive in color, movement, and transition.

Planning animations in 2018. has to be done with discrete taste. Animations have to precisely complement the design both in movement and design. Using smooth transitions, parallax and emphasizing information will have to be surgically precise. Our brains are wired in such a way that excessive movement is easily noticeable on a static screen.

Custom art/illustrations


Is there a better way to attract interest than with engaging art? We understand the text as a clear medium of correspondence (much like reading this article). Visual art is, however, easier to digest, sends a clear message and inspires playfulness and fun. While filling up blank space on your web presentation, custom made art can reinforce the awareness and message a brand is trying to convey. Additionally, if your illustrator hits the nail on the head, the art will make the brand stand out and be unique in today’s very saturated online market.

What is great about using custom art is the fact that you can dictate the tone your website wants to send. For businesses that operate in serious spheres (such as banking for example), illustrations are a great tool to segue the seriousness and usher in a playful mood. Becoming unique is a great challenge for any online presentation – ignoring that possibility is ill-advised.

Prioritizing mobile platforms

My introduction mentioned that mobile browsing has surpassed its desktop counterpart in 2017. Searching for items to shop is a pastime most do while doing menial daily activities or just simply waiting for something. This created a race for the most optimal solution to the UI/UX problems caused by the smaller size of the screen.

After countless trials and errors, we can safely say that mobile web design has grown and some common traits of quality design can be specified. Clunky menus with big buttons have been replaced with the roll-out burger menu. Even though it is safe to say that the burger menu is widely overused, to this day it remains the most space efficient solution for smaller screens. Large-scale photos are best to be avoided as they eat up a lot of the space and megabytes users use to access the mobile Internet. Ditch these in favor of a clean design with common icons that are widely recognizable by most users due to their frequent use. Testing is hugely important, so make sure to use any user feedback you can to improve the initial design. Iteration is the key to achieving the superb mobile design.

Gradients making a comeback


Flat design flooded the web industry with its simple and easy to understand design and text dynamic. Depth was only added for the purposes of functionality (Apple was notorious this). This led to an almost silent death of gradients in the design world, the flat design was far easier to implement and the design cost was significantly lower.

Only emphasizing depth is a thing of the past for gradients today. They are huge, colorful and very visible. The most creative way of using them is to apply a gradient filter over images. This transforms their look, creating an interesting way to influence the visuals. Using gradients in backgrounds instead of flashy images is also a great way to compromise on the lack of photography. The use of gradients can be quite creative if you have art taste or a competent designer. I suggest utilizing them or even consulting web development experts to do the thinking for you.

2018 will be the year where the pieces definitely have to be cohesive and fit together when it comes to assembling a web page. This is done by utilizing the tendencies of the mind with approachable color schemes and playful characters/art. Being unique is what it’s all about, even though you should definitely start with some proof of concept.

Find what others have done and had success with, tweak it according to the way you want to stand out and you should be good to go. The most difficult part is not overdoing the flashiness of the eye candy and keeping everything in good taste. With careful treads and constant testing, such result is easily achieved.

The Important Things You Might Not know About 2018 US Tax


Did you know that you might be losing out cash on by not filing tax returns? Yes, you might be eligible for a tax refund but like many out there, you might not know. Well, frankly most of us know very little about the US tax system because it always sounds complex, right? Thankfully, PDFelement has created a simple infographic that summarizes important things you might not know about US tax.


In summary, this infographics highlights on where the federal government gets revenue from coupled with the revenue trends over the past few years not to mention how the tax burden compares to other developed countries around. Did we also mention that there is an awesome summary of tax refunds i.e. how you can file for a tax refund which also touches on the spending trends on tax refunds among Americans.  The beauty is that everything has been simplified!

It is no surprise that most of the government’s revenue comes from individuals like you who contribute to half of the country’s revenue. This is followed by payroll taxes at 33% which includes social security, Medicare, and employment insurance. Interestingly though, corporate taxes contribute a mere 10% and it is bound to drop keeping in mind that President Trump cut the tax rate from 35% to 21% in the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed in December 2017.

You might expect corporations to pay more right? Well, that’s not the case because they simply pass down their tax burden to you by either reducing wages or raising prices of goods or services. In other words, it doesn’t matter if the corporate tax is raised or reduced, it all trickles down to you as a tax payer in one way or another.

Now, you can get more interesting facts and figures about the US tax from the marvelous infographic. Just don’t forget to file your tax refund with the IRS on time and you can use this guide to help you through.

Your brain on BEER vs. COFFEE


Drinking beer and coffee is as normal as snacking. While snacking seems to be known to be the infamous cause of putting on weight, not many have realized the significantly different effects of the two popular drinks on our human brains.

What is well known about coffee is that it helps us get rid of drowsiness. When workload or academic assignments are piling up, we drink coffee to be able to stay alert and focused for longer period of time. Well, does the drink actually possess such magical power as it is believed? To find out the truth behind the popular belief, what we need to highlight is that coffee contains caffeine and the substance can bind with adenosine, a part of brain which calls for sleepiness when it binds with its receptor. Simply put, caffeine makes the binding of adenosine and the receptor less likely, if not impossible. Thus, five minutes right after the first sip of coffee, we find ourselves more energized and focused.

Beer, on the other hand, is known to be the kind of drinks consumed while watching TV or having light conversations with friends, or in other stress free atmosphere. Lucky for us, such settings go along with the scientific explanation of beer effects. It starts with the alcohol composition in beer. The alcohol we consume deals with the cerebral cortex, a part of the brain that manages consciousness. When we are in conscious state, we tend to have lots of thoughts going on in our brains. So many things to think about. Thankfully, the presence of the alcohol in the celebral cortex helps us be free from some insignificant thoughts. No wonder, people tend to be seen as more relaxed when drinking beer. Further scientific investigation has even pointed out the fact that as our brain gains more freedom and less worries about some unimportant matters, the brain can then make deeper connections, which means more creativity for us. Scientific data have even specifically mentioned that creative ideas pour in when our blood alcohol hits 0.07, the amount that can be reached after approximately two drinks.

In short, it can be concluded that coffee is a good company in situations where focus plays a major role, while beer is a ‘good relaxing friend’ that can fish out the creativity in you.

Despite the drinks’ obvious benefits on our brain functions, consumption of either over the moderate limit will do more harm than good. In fact, too much alcohol results in less memory capacity as well as difficulty to focus. Caffeine (although less noticeably) harms our body tolerance of the substance, which can constantly create higher demand for coffee in order to get more focus. This, in the end, can result in addiction and uncontrollable coffee intake. Therefore, keeping things in moderation is key to enjoying the perks of both drinks. What may work is to drink beer when seeking brilliant (brand new) ideas and drink coffee while there is the dire need to keep focused to execute the idea(s).

Ryoko Iwata from I Love Coffee  created this handy infographic to help us decipher when to consume which beverage for optimal creativity and productivity. Have a look at the full infographic below.