Online Video Infographic 2013 – Numbers and Statistics

by 17. December, 2013

Online Video Infographic – Facts and Numbers

Couple months ago we have released infographic video answering simple question – why your business should use video or video infographic to promote products or services? If you have seen it, but until now you are not sure if video is essential tool to promote products and services, i would highly recommend to have a better look at this Online Video infographic.
As infographic shows by 2016 , online video users number expected to be double – 1,5 billion…Infographic reveals that, online video drives up to 50% of mobile traffic to your online presence and showing no signs to slow down. 52% of consumers admitted, that their purchase decisions are influenced by online videos. These and many other facts shown on this online video infographic, leave no space for any doubts – online video plays highly important role in todays market. Scroll down infographic to see more facts and numbers about online video.

Online Video Facts Infographic

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