Most Popular Facebook Pages and Twitter Users 2014 – Infographic

by Techinfographics12. December, 2013

Most Popular Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter are two biggest social networks on the planet. While Twitter is build around the “tweeting” (posting) of short only 140 character messages (“tweets”),Facebook is a multi-purpose social networking, allowing users to play games, chat, post photos and notes. We are using these social networks every day, to communicate with our family or friends and we are following interesting people all over the world. Inspired by latest InsideFacebook Top 25 Facebook pages overview and Top 100 Twitter Accounts statistics by Twitter Counter, we have build social media infographic.
Likes and Followers number is constantly growing, but we tried to keep information up to date. We did some research and, as we noticed, within a month top Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts growing rate is less than 500,000. Therefore information presented on this social media infographic will be “valid” at least for the next couple of months (beginning of the 2014).
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Top Facebook Pages and Twitter Users