List of top 5 Keynote Infographic Templates

by Techinfographics19. August, 2013

Keynote Infographic templates

In our previous post we have covered a list of top 5 infographic templates for powerpoint.
For Apple device users we have collected list of top 5 Keynote infographic templates. Following templates are ready to use and within a few clicks of customization you will have your very own infographics!

SocialDecks Keynote Infographic Template

“SocialDecks” is an infographic social media Keynote template, appropriate for a social media marketer, social media agency and researcher, or any type of business related on social networking, like web marketing, infographic social media survey, SEO services and others.
The template includes 30 unique slides, presented in 03 different versions. PSD source files are also included for each slide and each version. It’s carefully created with a goal to be easy to customize: Each element is separated, you can manage it the way you want (delete, move, animate, duplicate, etc …)
Topics of Infographic Presentation: Cover Slide,Our Services, About us, Twitter Fun Facts, Social media and users Connectivity Concept, Our Team, Facebook Popularity, Internet Users Concept, Google+ Fun Facts, Facebook Fun Facts, Facebook vs Twitter, Connectivity and Engagement, Fans Engagement, Community, Social Groups, Male vs Female, Comparison By Social Media platforms, Breakdown Concept, Creative Pie Chart Concept, Used Devices and Social Media, Fun Facts Concept, Timing Concept, Social Media,Metrics, Social Media and Geotargeting, Increasing ROI, E-Commerce Solutions, Web Marketing Strategy, How it work, Case Study: Brand and Social Causes, Get In Touch, “Thanks”- Last Slide.
Ready to use template cost only 15$ and available for download here

SocialFactor Keynote Template

“SocialFactor” is a Social networking Powerpoint and Keynote Templates Package, appropriate for a Social Media or web marketing business.
It present several concepts and prototypes related to online marketing like web visitors, social media engagement, used devices, targeting, marketing network, Metrics, Popularity, Connectivity, Brand Conversion, Broadcasting, increasing ROI …
The Bubbles and Design elements throughout the presentation reflect the idea of Social media and make all the slides in line.
The Package includes 30 unique slides, presented in 04 different background versions for both Powerpoint and Keynote Templates. PSD source files are also included for each slide. It’s carefully created with a goal to be easy to customize using Powerpoint and/or Keynote software: Each element is separated, you can manage it the way you want (delete, move, add an effect, duplicate, etc …) This Keynote template is on sale for 25$ and available for download here

Fred Keynote Presentation Template

With this fully customizable, high definition keynote template you will quickly and easily create a stunning, unique presentation. Specifically tailored to present information about social media, digital content and user statistics, this set of fun retro layouts give you the tools you need to quickly and easily create a great showcase for your ideas and information. With this template kit you have all you need to tell a powerful, memorable story.
This kit includes:
3 versions in the colors Sand, Gray and Aqua
3 .key and .kth files
27 master page designs
18 extra .png icon graphics as separate files
Pre-styled automatic charts for you to present your data
Pre-styled lines and shapes
11 custom designed information charts on separate master pages
Extra transparent .png files including a map, cogs, lightbulb, profiles, social media and mobile device graphics to mix-and match
Helpful user guide with tips for creating compelling live presentations
Available for download here for only 12$!

Think Green – Eco Friendly Keynote Template

All elements of the presentation (except the background and the image from slide 16) are fully editable directly in Keynote – no additional software is required. So, no need to be a Photoshop or Illustrator user to change the presentation look.
The pack includes 4 key files and 2 ai file for the background of the presentation:
2 key files with 4:3 aspect ratio (1024×768 px)
2 key files with 16:19 aspect ratio (1920×1080 px)
2 ai files for presentation background
Available for download here

Vintago Keynote Infographic Template

“Vintago” is a “must have” corporate-looking Keynote Template, appropriate for any business company looking to describe services and policies with creative and professional way.
With a Vintage style and a simple touch portrayed through colours palette, backgrounds, icons and design elements, this presentation would be ideal for web media, marketing, seo services, graphic design agency, for infographic survey showing, data visualization or any other business needs…etc.
The Package includes 30 unique slides, presented in 12 different colours/backgrounds versions. PSD source files are also included for each slide. It’s carefully created with a goal to be easy to customize: Each element is separated, you can manage it the way you want (delete, move, add an effect, duplicate,…etc)
For only 15$ you can download “Vintago” template here.

Keynote Infographic Template Vintago

Keynote Infographic Template Vintago

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