Top 3 Creative Vertical Business Cards

by Techinfographics2. June, 2015

How many times you have been asked for the contact information, and you did not have a pen? If you own a business and you are a business man, have you ever while you are on some business meeting met with the question: “Do you have a card?” If you did not have any, or have even just mumbled, “I do not have any for you.” This person could give you astonished look and ask, “Are you really in business or not?” So, the business card is the basis of every business.

Many business people use business cards as a cheap and easy way to exchange basic contact information. In reality, the importance of business cards is much higher than that, and the knowledge of what business card means is very useful for business purposes or to promote business and marketing strategies. So, good business card is a key part of a good marketing strategy. It gives legitimacy to businessmen for some reason. And without a business card people do not realize you as a serious business person. It will never lose its importance at any time.

Business people use them to impress their potential clients. Business cards can impress customers at first glance, but they can also play an important role to closer customers near you. If you impress your customers, you have not done a good job and the image of your company will be affected. Design should be attractive and elegant. From its design people see many things about your business and primarily services that you provide. Another advantage is that business cards can be distributed in many ways, allow to come into people’s hands by indirect methods.

Below you can check 3 creative vertical business cards for download:

All templates are made in Photoshop CS6, and it’s easy to customize them, change colors and text. Free fonts are used (there is a link from which you can download fonts for free), templates are print ready with predefined bleed.

1. Elegant Vertical Business Card

 vertical business card elegant


2. Dark Minimal Vertical  Business Card

dark  vertical business card


3. Creative Flat Vertical Business Card

flat vertical business card