PSD Newsletter templates

by Josipa Štrok16. June, 2015

Newsletter (mailing list, electronic bulletin) is electronic publication that is sent via e-mail. Almost always contains useful content, whether it be promotional, sales, informational or educational type.

Why send a newsletter?

Because it’s very cost effective marketing tool that businesses and organizations use to regularly maintain contact with existing and future customers. Regular contact as a result has two important things for any company:

  • sales promotion – for example, if in the newsletter you send information about discounts, promotions and new products
  • strengthening market name – subscribers will first think of you when it comes time to buy a product that you offer

With each sent newsletter you deepen relationship with customers and increase the chance that your message encourage readers to take action or purchase.

Benefits of newsletter

  • The low cost of sending –  calculate the cost of notifying all customers by fax, phone, mail, or, in the most expensive case, to regularly inform through the media.
  • The low cost of making notifications – the simplest message in plain text can assemble every employee of your company, for example, administrative secretary or clerk of marketing. Attractive notices that look like mini-websites can make your employees from the graphic department (if you employ them).
  • Interested persons subscribes to newsletter – on the web just place a short form for registration, and your customer base is building up by itself.
  • Notice to all subscribers arrives by e-mail the same day – as soon as the preparation, notification can be sent. If for example, you have 4,000 subscribers, it will take less than one hour to each of them receive your newsletter.
    Length of newsletter does not affect the higher price – your newsletter can be long one or 20 pages (although it is not recommended).

We offering you PSD newsletter template with 4 different page layouts which can be use for any kind of business like Travel, Corporate, E-commerce, Retail, Photographer, Artist, Designer & Freelancer. Newsletter templates are made in Photoshop. It’s easy to customize. Images are not included. Instruction file is included.

newsletter templates


Below you can check how templates look: