Halloween Statistics – Infographic Template

by Techinfographics2. October, 2014

Halloween is a secular festival, without religious symbols and it’s spread all over the world. Around Halloween was developed a very rich consuetude. In the United States, children usually put costumes and visit the neighborhood in search of candy, a little older visit costume parties, almost every household decorates a garden or balcony with pumpkins and lanterns, some places offer organized tour to haunted castles and other buildings, some tell stories about ghosts and other horrific creatures and watch horror movies.

If you are fan of Halloween, we wish you a good time ! Check out our infographic about halloween…


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2014 Halloween Infographic – Halloween Statistics
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Model: Halloween Statistics - Infographic Template
2014 Halloween Infographic – Halloween Statistics
Halloween Statistics - Infographic Template
Date Published: 10/02/2014
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