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21. July, 2015

Minimalistic Transparent Business Cards

Many business people use business cards as a cheap and easy way to exchange basic contact information. In reality, the meaning of a business card is much bigger, and the knowledge of what business card means is very useful for business purposes or to promote business and marketing strategies. So, good business card is a key part of a good marketing strategy. It gives legitimacy to businessmen for some reason. And without a business card people do not realize you as a serious business person. It will never lose its importance at any time.

Business people use them to impress potential clients. They can impress customers at first glance, but they can also play an important role [...]

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24. June, 2015

Infographic resume + cover letter

Resume is the basic document that you send in the search for a new job. It is crucial to be clean, grammatically correct … and interesting. Infographic resume is very creative way to show that you’re the best candidate for the job. This kind of resume shows the creativity, experience, achievements and personality at once. In the sea of CVs that arrive daily at the employers office, today is art to stand out from the rest. That is why many choose creative resumes, which also include listing of the virtues and work experience,etc. but on the fun way.

Infographic resume template can be very useful when you creating your very own infographic CV. It will [...]

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16. June, 2015

PSD Newsletter templates

Newsletter (mailing list, electronic bulletin) is electronic publication that is sent via e-mail. Almost always contains useful content, whether it be promotional, sales, informational or educational type.

Why send a newsletter?

Because it’s very cost effective marketing tool that businesses and organizations use to regularly maintain contact with existing and future customers. Regular contact as a result has two important things for any company:

sales promotion – for example, if in the newsletter you send information about discounts, promotions and new products strengthening market name – subscribers will first think of you when it comes time to buy a [...]
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2. June, 2015

Top 3 Creative Vertical Business Cards

How many times you have been asked for the contact information, and you did not have a pen? If you own a business and you are a business man, have you ever while you are on some business meeting met with the question: “Do you have a card?” If you did not have any, or have even just mumbled, “I do not have any for you.” This person could give you astonished look and ask, “Are you really in business or not?” So, the business card is the basis of every business.

Many business people use business cards as a cheap and easy way to exchange basic contact information. In reality, the importance of business cards is much higher than that, and the [...]

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