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27. August, 2015

Minimalistic Infographic Resume

A good resume is a launching board to the business world, but it’s hard to write it when you have no work experience. However, this is not a mission impossible. All the people who are working today once had a resume that fits on a single page. This is not uncommon. Slight advantage will have those who are working during school can enumerate specific (beginner’s) work experience. But even if you are not among these, do not worry. In the CV is not important amount of information, but their quality. Young people that enter the labor market will show the best quality of their education, interests and motivation to start working, and also show their [...]

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22. August, 2015

Material Infographic Resume

Most often, when you looking for a job, there is high competition – a lot of candidates applying for one vacancy. How to get the attention of the employer, show him your quality, stand out among the many candidates?

A resume is a brief, accurate, well-written text based solely on true facts, describing personal achievements in the educational and practical level, previous work experience, specific knowledge, skills and attributes that are important when you’re applying for a job. The appearance of the resume must be neat and simple. Therefore, it is advisable to write a resume on a computer. Clear and legible text enables the easy, quick viewing of text and finding the [...]

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22. August, 2015

Simple Infographic Resume

It can be pretty hard to get a job these days. First of all, there is no work like before in some areas. And when some job opening appears you have a tough competition for that job and odds for you to get it are pretty small. Well, how to increase your odds? You must be creative and attract attention of company that offered job position. But, how to do that? The best way is to create professional infographic resume or CV.

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Infographic resume template can be very useful when you creating your [...]

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