Choosing the Best Color for Your Logo – Infographic

by Techinfographics9. April, 2014

Logo & Color Infographics

We combined two awesome,very well designed and structured infographics to help you decide which color you should use for your brand’s logo and how it might effect your customers.

The most prominent brands in the world are defined by their colors. Think of McDonald’s golden arches, the name Jet Blue, and UPS’ slogan, “What can Brown do for you?” These companies, and many others, strategically use colors in their logo, website, and product to appeal to customers. As a B2B marketer, it’s important to think about how you utilize colors and what the colors you choose say about your business.Research has found that different colors provoke very different reactions in people. Integrating your brand colors in your logo, product, landing pages and more will help you achieve the highest impact. In the first color & logos infographic, Marketo put the rainbow under a microscope to find out how each color can help you connect with your consumers.true-colors1

The second logo & color infographic speaks volumes about the effects that logos have on our lives. Illustrating not only the effect color has on our subconscious, it also indicates the power that logos have on the developing minds of children. Children as young as two years old are able to to match logos to their corresponding products! This has huge implications for marketers who want to develop brand loyalty early. This infographic raises some interesting questions. How much value does a logo create? Is it worth the money spent when the cost of the logo is quite high? How much do logos influence our purchasing behavior as consumers?
Take a look at some of the most well known logos and brands in the world and see what the hidden meaning behind each one is.