Choosing Between WordPress, Drupal And Joomla

by Josipa Štrok2. October, 2015

Whether you need to create a page in the form of a blog, portal or a specific purpose, the first question to ask is “What content management system to use?”. The most famous and widely distributed open source content management systems (CMS platforms) are: WordPress, Drupal And Joomla. All of them are based on PHP and MySQL and offer a wide range of options for users and developers.

However, which one to choose?

Each CMS has its own features, we would say the pros and cons. WordPress is a winner for customization and upgrades, and of course with the amount of plugins it’s leading ahead of all others. However other CMS systems are not bad too. Joomla has a feature updates much higher than Drupal and a system that basically allows much more than WordPress. It gets even better when you install some plugins…. Drupal even has other important features that make it a leading CMS. All these systems have very good support, so whatever you choose, there will always be someone on hand to help.

To give you a little bit easier choice, below you can check the infographic which compare these systems based on the complexity of installation, availability of plugins and templates, the simplicity of their use, and much more:

WordPress,-Drupal-And-Joomla-1 WordPress,-Drupal-And-Joomla-2 WordPress,-Drupal-And-Joomla-3