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26. August, 2015

Introducing Google Sunroof Project

Google wants to help all those who intend to take advantage of the energy emitted by our parent star. Sunroof the project offers a new service, ‘treasure map of solar energy’ with the help of Google Maps. Google Sunroof will provide to homeowners and other facilities information on how solar energy can be produced on their roof, as well as how much money they will save by installing solar panels.

It analyzes the position of the sun during the year (which is important because of the insolation and the angle at which rays falling on the panels), as well as the type of cloud cover and the average temperature for this part of the world. In considers even the shadow [...]

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21. August, 2015

How To Get The Most From Infographic

Infographics are an important format to communicate more or less complex information such as, for example, data obtained during research or various tips. They are extremely popular with users since it consists only of the most relevant messages that are specific and simple and visually appealing. Through them the key information is easy to find and quicker to remember which multiplies their potential to spread among the desired audience.

Today infographics are used in the media, scientific papers, articles, education, traffic signs, manuals and charts. Computer scientists, mathematicians and scientists use infographics to develop symbols with which they can [...]

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4. August, 2015

Advantages of video resume

Want to make your own video resume? But what exactly is that? Video resume is a short video that will present all the qualifications, experience and interest from some worker. When you create your video resume one then you can easily edit it and adjust it to some special company or employer. Video resumes allow people to present their creativity, imagination and their personal skills to some company or employer.

Advantages of video resume

Video resume is just a modern version of traditional resumes and it makes applicants that have them stand out and be better than others. It is easier to present yourself with video resume than it is with written one. There are lots of other [...]

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28. July, 2015

Awesome explainer video templates for download

Imagine that you find two websites that are offering something that you need. One of them has a video that explains everything about their service and the other one doesn’t. Both of the services are the same quality, so which service will you choose? The one with a video explaining stuff or the one without the video? Most of the people will choose the first site. And that is exactly why companies create explainer videos. Those videos are short (up to 90 seconds) and first they define the problems of customers and then they offer the solution. With explainer videos you can present your product, service or company and offer a solution for some problem that your customers may have. In [...]

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