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2. September, 2015

How To Do Research For An Infographic?

The infographic in 5 steps

First of all, for the infographic you need to have an idea, which will be simple and concise, without too much content that could bit tiring for your readers. Will you succeed with your infographic to answer some questions? When you define what you want your infographic contain, you can start thinking about how to do it.

1. Answer the question, what I want to achieve?

First of all, as well as in the use of any other tools, ask yourself what you want to achieve. Is that something you explain, promote, to remind people of the important distinctive point of your brand / services, to contribute to resolving the crisis, to illustrate the growth of [...]

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2. September, 2015

What is an Infographic?

In today’s digital world, more and more things are fighting for our attention. At the time that we normally spend at work, we face a five times greater amount of information than 30 years ago. One consequence is that our ability to concentrate within 12 seconds, 14 years ago, fell to the present 8 seconds. Internet content must be fast, accessible and digestible. At the same time must be informative and entertaining.

Mankind communicates through symbols from its inception. The only new thing is how infographics are used in communications and new media. Companies are investing more energy in the infographics, because their job is becoming more complex and the need for [...]

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28. August, 2015

Great visual content marketing tips

Some research says that on average the attention that each adult person paid to some content is only 2.8 seconds. In digital marketing, this is the period in which you have the opportunity to gain the attention of users – or lose it.

Aware of this fact, and the way in which people consume digital content – that images and video have become the dominant form of communication – the companies have begun to adapt their content marketing, and therefore digital strategy. The focus of the presentation of products and services has been largely transferred from talking (writing) about them in an innovative displayng what they are and how to use them. With this, [...]

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27. August, 2015

E-books vs Printed Books

Technology has overtaken the books. There are advantages of both e-books and printed books. E-books are better for the environment because they save on paper, but with the printed books, you will not have to worry about if your it will fall out of hand, broke or scratch as you would with a e-book. Although you may prefer the convenience of the e-book, there is still something to be said for laying in bed with the traditional, printed book. In this article we will talking about e-books vs printed books.

E-books are simply more convenient than traditional books. Handheld readers are small, and you can store them away easily when traveling or on the move. Lighting on most readers [...]

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