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9. December, 2015

Social Media Facts 2015

Social networks are now reinforced their positions so well, that we have the top 5 most popular which does not change through years. However many vary by levels of use in different countries and demographic.

Social networks are growing up. Although it seems as if it were yesterday, Facebook exists for 11 years. It soon becomes a teenager of social networks, but it is still a leader among them.

Google has tried with its platform Google +, but unfortunately created a social network that few marketers understand too seriously. The problem lies in the fact that social networks in the past year diligently worked on the principle of “pay, and work.” Another trend [...]

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26. November, 2015

Make Your Own Infographic Video

In the last few years is evident a big popularity of using infographics to explain the properties of a product or a service. No unnecessary reading monotonous text explanations, the lovable and playful way through the graphical elements, symbols, facts and data, infographics can clearly and effectively explain the complex features of a product, service or an innovative idea.

Today it is in the form of infographic video. When the static elements of infographics animate one in combination with sound and voice, texts, images and data created by a liquid story that your research and hard work on this issue turns into a visually appealing and interesting video [...]

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16. November, 2015

Getting to Know ICANN For Business

To reach something on the Internet, you need to input a number or address. That address has to be unique so computers would know to find each other on the Internet. ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is the organization that coordinates these unique addresses throughout the world. Without such coordination we could not have the internet connection. ICANN coordinate the IP addresses, domains, DNS and many more. Namely, ICANN exists since 1998 and since then takes care of the domains, which means that “.com”, “.org” and all that is behind the “dot” is their job.

The Global Business Engagement team works To ensure [...]

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2. September, 2015

Google’s new logo

While today most of the world accompanied the news about Google’s new logo with mild interest, the technology industry had searched every inch of this news. What does this mean for Google? Why it’s look like this? We only can say that the new look reflects what Google really is – effective.


The final proof that Google’s design is more efficient than Apple’s?

Fortunately, Apple pulls pairing of hardware and software – in fact, we are convinced, that iOS installed on a random Samsung / HTC mobile phone, would not look so good. Unlike Apple, Google is guided by raw efficiency. Google’s design is not only [...]

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