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4. December, 2016

Spacesuits evolution allowing human kind traveling beyond earth

Spacesuits evolution, and If there is one ultimate fashion statement, it has to be spacesuit. Just think about it for a second, a suit that is life support which is vital for us. Mobility which as you can imagine we rely on everywhere we go and do. The good space suit should allow astronauts work in extreme space conditions. There is saying the clothes make the man. Even though it is not true for most of us, perhaps it is a valid point for the astronauts who spent most of their time in one of these space suits iconic for the space missions. We could say that, in space fashion is more like a matter of life or death and appearance is does not have much weight. However, the modern [...]

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21. August, 2016

How does the Social Media affect our SEO ranking?

There has been various speculation among  all SEO consultants and strategist about whether social media and SEO have been working as a couple to affect any search rank. So as to increase the online presence of a particular website. From the current happenings in the SEO world. The rumors can be confirmed as true and valid.

SEO and Social media marketing strategies are closely intertwined since they both focus on creating a favorable appeal that naturally and continuously attract visitors.  When high-quality content that is visible is posted on social media sites. All SEO efforts you make create a strong brand presence out of social media reach. Therefore, online marketers [...]

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26. July, 2016

Artificial intelligence inside our mobile phones

Artificial intelligence on mobile phones has entered the daily routine of people.The question we should ask ourselves is which one of them could be our best virtual assistant ? It is true that digital assistants have been around already around for decades. Some of you perhaps remember the irritating assistant created by Microsoft word named  Clippy, this was back in 1997.

However today this is a whole another story. Digital assistants are being installed in our lives with the purchase of mobile. Whether that would be Cortana (Microsoft), Google Now by Android platform or Siri by iPhone, they are all very advanced assistants. The virtual assistance can remind you or [...]

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25. July, 2016

Pokemon GO – More Than Just A Game

Pokemon go became a killer, I cannot remember when was the last time that game dominated social media and captured the imaginations of millions of people around the world. This is the total phenomenon and not just another release of a game. What is even more important, This is a release that a lot of people never could predict it would come. This is not just about the real gamer. People who don’t play Pokemon games, and games at all, are playing and talking about Pokemon Go.

This none comparable like other console games such as Overwatch or DOOM. Everyone is aware of the [...]

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