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30. September, 2018

How to Create Amazing Infographics for Education?

Infographics can help your students remember the material, especially when you use them for online teaching and class blogging. We have created a small guide to help you get started with using infographics to teach better.
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5. August, 2018

6 Simple Internet Safety Tips for Children

Internet access for children can be seen as a crucial element of their upbringing, and online safety, as a result, becomes a top priority.
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28. June, 2018

Tips to Do SEO for an E-Commerce Store and Rank in Search

When we look at this system from the E-Commerce entity’s point of view, we see a lot of competition and challenges. Here are a few tips for the E-Commerce entities to get on top of the search engine and rank high in the searches.
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20. June, 2018

How to Create a Killer Logo: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

So what’s the secret to killer logo design and how can you use it to establish a strong identity for your brand? To help make your logo a roaring success, we’ve put together some useful tips and most common mistakes to avoid.
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