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16. April, 2018

Psychology Inspired Web Design Trends In 2018

Knowing the way of creating an engaging site takes more than just a talent for visuals. Beautiful artwork, engaging colors and tasteful fonts are only a part of the equation. When it comes to creating websites, knowing what looks good can only get you so far.

The reason for why the aesthetic approach is insufficient is simply due to the development of the Internet and web design in general. Nowadays, businesses are investing a lot of their time and money to have a better understanding of what the consumers want to see. Psychology has learned about specific patterns humans take when seeking new information. Combining this with over 20 years of analyzing how people [...]

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3. April, 2018

The 10 Commandments of User Interface Design

As the online world takes the domination of day to day life, the emergence of new websites and applications every single day is an inevitable fact. Due to that, online platforms and applications are competing to win over the virtual market. One of the most affecting factor that is key to invite more traffic is the design of the webs. To achieve the objective, many adopt User Interface (UI) design which focuses on catering the expectations and needs of the users’.

Below are the top ten UI elements that can help web designers ensure that the tall order is met.

1. A website story

A good platform usually creates a website story that displays real images and interactive [...]

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24. September, 2017

Bitcoin Price and the Real Potential into the Cryptocurrency? Infographic Edition

Bitcoin price is very volatile. However, despite all that bitcoin is believed to be the new modern cryptocurrency, that will overtake the fiat currencies in the near feature. Or if that does not happen for some reason the chances the bitcoin to become a preferred method of payment is very likely. However, before we go into the facts and the details about the bitcoin phenomena. I would like to begin with a bit of background.

Predominantly for 19th and 20th centuries, the world’s most successful currencies were with fixed value for gold, silver and other precious metals.

The creation of such valuable connection between gold and money, helped to attract investors gain [...]

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4. July, 2017

Best Keynote and PowerPoint templates

If you ever need to make an effective presentation quick, try some of these templates. They will allow you to create informative and compelling presentations that will amaze your audience. We created a list of some of the best Keynote and PowerPoint templates you can find. Feel free to browse through the list, and pick your favorite.

Free presentation software

This is a great piece of software that allows you to create custom presentation that fits your purpose. It supports both Keynote and PowerPoint file types. This means total freedom of choice.With 50 slides in 6 color options you can create countless different presentations.

Free Apple Keynote template [...]
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