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22. April, 2017

BlackBerry’s market re-positioning and the re-emerge as software vendor

10 years ago, when phones have just started having color screens and when smart phones became present, it was hardly imaginable than a person won’t own one of the BlackBerry phones. It seemed like BlackBerry had a bright future ahead, positioning itself on the market as a strong and valuable company. Yet, something different happened. So now we observe BlackBerry’s market re-positioning.

So, how did such a profitable company came from being at the top of the world to struggling to survive as mobile provider?

[Credit: BGR.com]


BlackBerry’s road

Even though BlackBerry introduced a phone with multimedia [...]

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19. April, 2017

20 Spectacular Authentic Magento Fashion Themes For Any Industry

The fashion industry is flourishing and may remain forever. Online Magento stores are trends to follow, and current post is depicting comprehensively how you can make right selection with the help of your dependable Magento developer team.

Magento is king in eCommerce platforms with its advanced technologies and tools it offers. Magento has a huge user base with more than 200K businesses including big brands and SMBs.

Like other open source eCommerce platforms, Magento community also boasts with plenty of template providers and developers ready to create for you. Templates or themes in another word are available for different eCommerce [...]

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25. March, 2017

Your One-stop Guide to Buying Budget Tablet PCs Under $100

We all get it, with the current economy we are all living on a tight budget. But you have to get that new tablet, maybe for that new job, or that new project. Who said you must break the bank to get it? It’s not a walk in the park trying to find that high quality product at a low price in the market today, so you must be smart about things. As you browse through this page you will come across some of the few value packed tablets that we managed to pick out for you, and guess what, you won’t have to spend over your 100$ budget, how cool is that!

But before all that we will take a brief tour on some of the operating systems that you should expect to come along with your [...]

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11. February, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 the real pressure with the release of the new flagship

Even with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung is still world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer.  Their latest flagship-Samsung Galaxy S8 is the hottest topic for weeks now. While some people can’t wait to see the design and the specifications of the latest South Korean Tiger. Others just ask questions about the whats about to come. With the Note 7 battery issue people are still suspicious.Why there’s still no exact launch date for Galaxy S8? Why is the official start of their latest flagship in constant delay? Is Samsung preparing something really big ? Or this is just another marketing strategy ?

Galaxy S8 and what we know about it

(image [...]

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