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20. September, 2018

What is the Most Popular Programming Language?

If you are thinking about getting into programming, then the following list of most in-demand programming languages will definitely help you
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19. August, 2018

Balanced Scorecard: Is it still relevant?

The biggest reason that the Balanced Scorecard has been so popular and successful for so many years is because it continues to be a proven framework organizations use to organize their various strategies.
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3. July, 2018

What Future for Humans?

The term "artificial intelligence" was invented by the US computer scientist John McCarthy in 1955. He believed that "every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it".
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27. April, 2018

What is the ideal costing of SEO?

A business without the marketing strategies is useless and if you are running an online business then you would surely need to have an innovative digital marketing strategy, certain tools to stand out from the crowd and develop an amazing digital presence! This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in, it is a good idea to boost your business online and it is obviously a helpful factor if your website is coming on the first page on Google and every other search engines.

While some might not know how much does SEO cost? And which SEO package gives what facilities? There are many experts in the field of SEO and one such expert is Blurbpoint Media which has answers to all [...]

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