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5. April, 2017

5 Excel Features You Must Use to Save time and Be Productive

Worldwide, millions of professionals use Excel spreadsheets to crunch numbers, maintain records, create financial models, track progress, and do a lot more.

While there are many advanced features available in Excel, an average user needs only a couple of these Excel features to get most of the tasks done.

Here is an infographic by Excel MVP Sumit Bansal on using 5 common Excel features that can help save time and make the users highly productive.

The infographic covers the following Excel features:

Remove Duplicates Conditional Formatting Text to Columns Find and Replace Paste SpecialRemove Duplicates with Excel Features

If you work with data, finding [...]

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3. February, 2017

Will Nokia 8 Flagship Android Device make it?

Nokia 8 has been set to be the latest Android driven device, but before we go into the details of the magnificent  product life lets review some early history. Younger generations may not know this, but when people thought of mobile phone in the 90s, they had Nokia on their mind. Finland’s greatest brand was a synonym for design, innovation and quality. There are still those who talk about Nokia 3210 as the world’s strongest mobile phone, indestructible in every way. Every year people would wait and see the new Nokia mobile phone, its features and design. And then, slowly but surely, Nokia went down. Other brands took over the market, some of those who couldn’t dream of being Nokia [...]

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24. January, 2017

China space exploration commercial missions of the near future

China space exploration commercial missions are the new challenge and  in last few years we have seen more and more commercial space missions. More and more privately founded missions are in place with different plans and destinations. For instance, Google started a Lunar XPrize Race, in order to found private companies for a Moon mission. This competition is open for all teams all over the world. GLXP will result in a mission that will land a spacecraft on the Moon surface, take high resolution photos and beam them back to Earth. People from all over the world join together in order to get the founding, and they show some great results.

Elon Musk is still not giving up on a [...]

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23. January, 2017

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows is a widespread PC operative system, it’s in tens of millions of homes all over the world. As such, it’s become an important tool in people’s lives. We’ve been introduced to various versions of Windows OS, each of them had its faults and good sides. We’ve seen its ups and downs, from the glory days of XP to the shameful Vista. Then came Windows 7 with its revolutionary protocols and graphics, followed by Windows 8 – Android wannabe. And now, we have the latest member of the Windows family, Windows 10. In this article, we shall learn about Windows 10, see its features, upsides and downsides, and learn a few tricks.

Windows 10 features Start Menu

This is one of the [...]

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