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25. February, 2016

Electric Consumption History

How much electricity is spent every day? You can’t possibly know that, right? But there are some rough numbers about electric consumption through the years. Lots of products use electricity nowadays, but what exactly that electricity is? And who created it? Keep reading to find out more.

I think everyone is sometimes thinking about electricity and what it is. Well, it all starts with atoms? What are atoms? Atoms are particles and they are “materials” of everything that is around us, from chairs and beds to our body. Atoms are made out of protons, electrons and neutrons. And when the electrons are moved from one atom to other they form electrical current.

Now, to [...]

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25. February, 2016

Data Science Industry Explanation

Ever heard about data science? You probably did, but do you know what it does? What benefits can data science give to the community? What people work in that area and what they actually do? Lots of people don’t have a clue about some important things related to data science. Luckily, this article will explain it all.

First of all, you need to know the definition of data science. What it does? Data science uses automated methods for easier analyzing of extremely large amounts of different data and extracting some useful information and knowledge from that data. Those methods are becoming more and more used everywhere and data science is helping to create some new [...]

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24. February, 2016

Creating Viral and Effective Infographics

I wrote a lot about infographics. I said what it is a lot of times and there are lots of articles with advices about creating a perfect infographic that will look cool, help people and go viral. But knowing a little bit more surely can’t hurt you. So, if you want to maximize the performance of the infographics that is being created simply read this article up until the end.

Let’s just repeat the basics one more time. What is infographic? The word “infographic” comes from two words, “information” and “graphic”. From that it’s pretty easy to see that infographic is a graphic that contains some useful information. If you want some more correct definition then we can say that [...]

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24. February, 2016

Google Power User

You are using Google every day, right? And do you ever have problems with finding the things you want? You probably do, and sometimes people give up from searching because they think that the results they want doesn’t exist. And most of the times those people are wrong. But how to find those results? It’s easy if you know some Google techniques that allow you to do some advanced searching. Those techniques make you Google Power user.

How Search Engines Work

You know how to open Google and search for something you need. But, did you ever wonder how it all works? Search engine has three basic stages:

Crawling Indexing Retrieval

In the crawling stage search engine [...]

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