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25. July, 2016

USA startups stats and tips from the industry

hThe USA Startups companies are becoming more and more popular lately. Why? Well, because of all the benefits that they can offer. What exactly are those benefits? And what technology to choose when starting a startup company? And are there any disadvantages of a startup? Keep reading to find all of that out and to inform yourself about startup companies.

Before I start with anything I think you should know what the startup actually is. The startup can be defined in many ways. Warby Parker CO-CEO Neil Blumenthal said that startup is a company that is trying to solve some problem where you simply can’t find an obvious solution. Some people say that startup is an [...]

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4. April, 2016

5 Technology Trends Driving Innovation

There are lots of new technologies developing every day. But which technology drive the most innovations? And what technologies could start the new revolution in industry? It’s not really hard to see that and pick 5 technology trend that stand out the most among the others. What are those 5 technologies? Read the article to find out.

Internet Of Things

The term “Internet of things” became very popular in last few years. Lots of people hear about it and then search the internet to find out some basic information about it. But what is it exactly? Why do people mention it that much?

Predictions for 2020

Internet [...]

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8. March, 2016

Web Design Trends: What’s In And Out In 2016

Trends exist everywhere. In mobile industry, in fashion, in cars industry and in web design too. For example, one year large mobile phones will be in trend and the other year people will laugh at you if you have one like that because small phones are popular that year. The same thing stands for web design too. One year detailed mega menus will be popular and the next year everyone will go for minimalistic menus. That’s the way it goes. The trends in web design changed a lot this year so it’s important to stay up-to-date. To know what’s good to use this year check out the rest of this article.

The IN’S

First we’ll start with what’s good. When you start doing some web design [...]

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7. March, 2016

30 Years of Internet

Hello internet and welcome to our world. Can you imagine how internet appeared? And how it actually looked in the last 30 years? In this article you can find the history of internet from 1984 up to today and the future.

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