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1. December, 2015

Build Your Business With Google + Communities

The importance of social network involvement of every business has already been proven in many occasions. Facebook, Linkedin and many other social media can improve the performance of your business concepts on so many levels, but lets talk about Google + Communities as another asset in this endeavor. Putting aside all the prejudice about Google +, we have to give it a thumbs up for it’s sophistication and for coming in second in the world’s largest social network race. This is a feature of Google + that has been a bit overlooked until now, but undoubtedly has quite the potential. Take a look:

By creating groups under Google + Communities you support a [...]

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1. December, 2015

The Fastest Rising Job Trends Online

If you want to pursuit a career in the online job have a look at this analysis of some ascending positions on the current market and what are the news when it comes to freelancing and interesting projects on the web.

–Microsoft on the rise.  No surprises here – Microsoft is the key source of freelance jobs and online paying engagements. Statistics point out a growth of 62% in the Windows Desktop projects field, and also in the filed of Word projects, which have grown by 29.3%. This step ahead can be attributed to the launch of Microsoft devices, such as recent mobile phones and tablets. Reach out and make yourself available to collaborating with one of the [...]

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1. December, 2015

Everything You Need to Know About Supercomputers

All the chances are that an average PC user may have never heard about supercomputers. But no big deal because these aren’t meant for gaming and social network exploiting, but for complicated task management and performance. These technology monsters are made of many processors and operated by scientists, therefore they are located in the most respectable laboratory facilities. Take a look:

One of the things they are particularly good at is creating simulations and models of somewhat abstract environments and situations. Systems and processes that are not that easy to understand, invisible and based on theories can be embodied in supercomputer’s models, [...]

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30. November, 2015

Most popular search engine in 2015

In order to surf the Internet you have to rely on a certain type of a travel guide, a software system designed to search and manage information on the web – a search engine. To an average user a search engine is almost like a synonym to the Internet itself. So which search engines are at the top of the popularity list?

This year’s statistics show that the ultimate champion among search engines is, quite expectedly, Google. 66% of desktop users make their queries through Google, while Bing and Yahoo both have a score of 9% of all users. As for tablets and mobile devices, Google demonstrates absolute domination with 92% of users.

Using search engines to find [...]

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